by Sherry

I saw a great story on TV this morning! A well-to-do gentleman here in America who has a generous heart is giving away cash!

He shares his money with a homeless man whom he must know some how by giving him $3,000 to give away to people who give this homeless man their change as he begs on the street.

The homeless man says it is always the folks who are down and out themselves who are generous! When someone approaches him and gives their change he says to them please take this $100 for yourself for Christmas! The givers are always overwhelmed and get teary eyed!

The homeless man also goes to a shelter and gives $500 to a mother who has 5 children and continues to give all of the $3,000 away until it is all gone!!

This story made me cry!!

Please be generous and give from the heart!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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