A Hurt 10 Year Old Boy Captured Within

by Charles Palmer-Allen
(South Africa)

A true story that very few just might not understand and may be disturbing to many retirees. But! There is an important lesson that all should learn out of this.

It is about a 10 year old little boy who was loved and cared for by his wonderful caring and loving mother.

After years of painful suffering from cancer, the little boy's mother passed away leaving this little boy in a bad state of fear, uncertainty, and flowing tears of hurt. Not having been given the chance to say goodbye to his dying mother, the little boy just shrivelled up, and became a captured scared little boy within a shell known as the growing physical body.

To add to the problem, the little boy was then ruthlessly thrown into a web of extreme abuse, sexual molestation and gang rape, which made the little boy creep deeper into the darkest corner of its physical growing shell it was captured in.

A deeply hurt and crying voice, that continuously cried out for help, yet was never once heard or understood. The physical growing shell was the captured child's only defence and is the sames until this very day, because it is the only one that can feel the true hurt and suffering this little 10 year old child is still going through.

You see, when this child's wonderful loving mother died, the 10 year old little boy died with her, because he was not given the opportunity to just say goodbye.

Today, at the age of 65 years, with the help of my wife, I am now writing my third book to be published, tttled; CONQUERING DEMONS, which will help others in the same situation. Hopefully the book will be ready for publishing in October 2015.

You see, that 10 year old hurt captured child within is me.

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by: Tuxedo Cat

My eyes teared up when I read your post. I am so, so sorry you had to endure such pain.

When I worked as a LD tutor, a 5-year-old boy had just lost his mother to cancer, and his father practically ignored him and doted on the boy's 13-year-old sister, whom the father treated as a housewife. (We teachers were keeping a close eye on that situation.)

The little boy's scheduled tutoring sessions were two days a week, one period each. He would come up to me on the other days and say, "Mrs. Berger, I forgot, am I supposed to see you today?"

Well,I discussed with the principal if I could give him a little extra attention, maybe once a day "helping" me and my talking to him, not about his loss, but other topics to build him up and try to let him know he was important. I hope I succeeded.

Feeling for you
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your early loss and the horrible abuse you suffered after that. I was abused and bullied at home and at school. I never understood why. As the years passed slowly by, I found the answer. I deserved it!

I was unlovable, and my family and others did not want me around because it made them sick to see me. No, these feelings never go away. Last night when I went to bed and as I was lying there I suddenly heard my mother's voice, as clearly as if she was in the bedroom say, "Good. Go bury yourself."

I remembered then I was 9 I was sitting with her and my little brother in the living room. She did not talk to me, just to him, and when I got up to leave the room, those were her very words to me, not in fun (some fun) but nasty.

To this day, I believe you never get over things like that.

Wendy: Your mother was mentally off and you suffered under her abuse. You can't change your past, it is what it is, but you can change your future. Please help others! In doing so, even little gestures, you will feel worthy. If you have life, you can help others out... don't let that mentally imbalanced mother continue to plague you.

So sorry for your pain
by: Anonymous

I am saddened by your story. My growing up years were very similar, and I am retired and still not healed (are we ever?). But I think you have made great progress, and I laud you on your writing, as I am sure this was healing, also.

Well, God bless you, and remember to give Him thanks for your life now.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing. We just never know the depth of suffering people go through. I am sure the pains are deep but with someone to love you just as you are, healing begins.

Conquering Demons
by: Joe .w

I think that writing is very therapeutic. However; I not sure how long it takes to conquer any demons. When do you think you were actually cured and is there any specific incident that led to your full recovery?

Joe W.

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

God sets the captives free and destroys the demons . God bless you and at 65 I pray you have or will soon be free indeed as no one should live captive this long. When the past continues to hold us captive our abusers win every day.

New Book
by: Wendy

Kudos to you, Charles, for having the courage to write this book.

Sounds like a horrible childhood, but somehow you got past that and found a loving wife. Good for you!

Go Charles!

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