A Partial Retirement

by Jane
(Brooklyn, CT)

I am going to share my story- I belong to this group but I am partially retired. I am a CPA and enrolled agent and am 57 years old.

I became a mom at 40 years of age and elected to start a home based practice in my poor rural area after I had my son. There was no family member to care for him. I have build my business up but it has never become full-time.

I understand the anxiety and depression of retirees who are looking for a direction in their lives and something to do and people to meet. I have had that problem for quite some time.

Here are some suggestions-get a part-time job if you can to interact with other people, volunteer- I do one day a week with AARP Vita volunteers in tax preparation and teach others how to speech English with Literacy Volunteers. These organizations are all around through the US.

Another- take a course at your local college- they will let a person audit classes at our local community colleges and state university for a nominal fee. I like languages- so I take French at Alliance Francaise and German at a local community college in a neighboring state. The young people and the professors love my presence because I have life experience to add to their studies.

Good luck!

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french language? me too
by: natasha

I took two quarters of French at Community College extension classes, babysat for a 13 year old French boy who was learning English for 5 weeks, and for about 7 months have been doing Duolingo online. Now I have added Rosettastone online.

I am not very good, but am highly motivated. Someday it looks like I will have more grandchildren whose mother will be French speaking/English speaking now. She wants to speak French in the home.

bonjour a bientot a plu tard rende-vous some day

Lifelong Learning
by: Joe W.

Hi Jane! I think that your well on the way to finding your 'full-time' endeavor by pursuing Lifelong Learning first. Many retirees don't have a clue about how they will spend their riches of time after they finish their corporate job. The trick is to just do something anything that will perk up your interests. Later your different actions could lead you to a new full-time career or even a chance to pursue an entrepreneurial retirement life.

Joe W.

Partial Retirement
by: Sherry/NC

Thank you, Jane from Brooklyn, CT, this is excellent retirement advice. The secret to retirement is to keep busy!!

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