A Slight Detour

by Mikey
(port colborne ontario)

I needed a half a dozen items from the grocery store. It is only four blocks to the store so I usually walk there. So I grabbed two bags ( I use the material ones, they are easier on the hands when carrying a heavy load) put on my coat toque and gloves and walked out the door.

It was only thirty degrees Fahrenheit. and very cloudy but there was no wind at all, which made it ok for walking.

The store is only four blocks to the north, hardly enough to get the stiffness out of my limbs, and seeing that the canal was only four blocks to the east I figured I would walk to the canal and then to the store.

Up until last week the canal was closed to shipping because of ice in the lakes and there were lots of huge cargo ships moored there for the winter. But now the canal is open again, all the ships had left.

Any way I started walking along side the canal and for some reason I didn’t stop at four blocks, I just kept walking. Two and a half miles later I figured I had better turn around a go back because the clouds were looking a little darker and there was always the chance of rain.

The only wild life that I saw during the two and half miles was one seagull, two wild geese and a rabbit.

I crossed over the canal and went back a different way. As i walked I looked at all the different styles of houses and at their gardens which were pretty barren and rough looking. Some of them had some little white flowers about two inches tall, which are the first flowers to bloom around here. I think they call them Snowdrops.

It was two hours since I left the house until I got to the grocery store.

I guess you might call that a slight detour.

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Slight Detour
by: Cindy

You made my day with your story of your slight detour. I am inclined to do things like that and many of my friends think I have lost the plot. So glad to know I am not alone.

A Slight Detour
by: Joan O'

I goofed..forgot to put in my name...
Am not anonymous...
Sorry about that..
Just so good seeing you!!

Mikey!! So glad seeing you!!
by: Anonymous

Have been so worried about you!!

Glad to see you back with Retirement....
Will you be coming into the site as am sure many would love to see you.

I miss your poetry and have Ben following your stories here.

Please come!

by: Carol K

Hi Mikey, I enjoy your stories so much. It's nice to see you back writing. We missed your poetry on the retirement site.

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