A Will To take Care of your Pets

by Luree
(Calhoun, Ga)

Hello! I volunteer helping with animals that wind up in a high kill shelter. Although we know the best way to keep animals from dying in shelters is to keep them out through spay/neuter and owners making better plans, sometimes is just happens.

In the past few months, we have had a half dozen beautiful spoiled sweet cats and a handful of handsome housebroken dogs come due to owner death. These owners dearly loved their pets but did not take into consideration that everyone else may not see them in the same light.

These pets were taken to the shelter. They were listed as owner surrenders. Owner surrenders in a shelter get less time than strays because shelter workers know that no one is going to come looking for the pet. It is a sad situation.

So many owner surrendered pets are killed because 1) they don't have enough time to be seen by the public 2) their owners did not think to make provisions for them in their wills. It is sad.

Before you even get a pet, consider what would happen to it if something happened to you. Every person should have a pet back up plan. This is not Ancient Egypt--your pet does not need to follow you into the afterlife.

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