"About Schmidt", the movie

by James

The other night I watched, again, the movie About Schmidt, starring Jack Nicholson, who is one of my favourite actors. It's about a man who has just retired and has various problems within his family. It's both sad and amusing. It shows how alone one can feel after retiring. Worth watching.

Wendy: James, I wrote about this movie here: About Schmidt and there is a movie trailer on that page. If anyone can protray a confused newly retired person, its Jack Nicholson! Love him!

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Retirement Movies
by: James

Thanks for the information about the Mug Wendy. Yes, Jack portrays his character very well. You don't by any chance know of any other movie about retirees, do you?

Wendy: James, I started a page on retirement movies ever so long ago.. and just never finished it.

Three hours ago, I saw this and thought, Oh man, get it done... so I did. I always get carried away, you wanted a list, and I added all the trailers so you can see a bit of each movie to know if its for you, or not...

Retirement Movies here!


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