About the Treasure in Retired Life - Time!

by Penny Walthers

Now that I am retired, I have found keeping busy is the best way to feel great about myself. I do not sit and rock the day away, instead I garden, spend more time with my grand children and help others in my community.

Now that I am not longer working, I spend time helping others at our local hospital. I join in community bake sales.

I have met new people when I joined a group of others who are also retired. One of the greatest pleasures I now have is the ability to meet with others and sew blankets for the new born babies in our area. We gather other items and place them into welcome baskets to be given out to new Moms. This is another way I like to help at our local Hospital.

Of all the things that I am able to freely do now that I am retired is spend more time with my grandchildren. I have the prettiest little girls and they are the loves of my life. We do some baking together in the kitchen. We also enjoy long walks and picnics. The girls love to help me pull weeds in the garden and I have even given them their own little spot. To me spending time with my family is the best way to stay happy and healthy.

My garden is another pleasure I have. I have vegetables and flowers. I love to plant and take care of both. At the end of the season I preserve all that I have grown. It is hard to keep all I have done in the pantry since I love to share it all with others.

Retirement can mean many things to people. To me it means spending time with others you love and care about and enjoying the small treasures in life that whisked by us as we worked the day away.

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