ACTIVE Adult Communitites in the Northeast

by Martha

We recently went on a trip to research a few retirement communities. While we looked at a few houses in about 7 communities we were surprised that we did not see alot of people walking about.

The community we stay in during the winter is bustling about with golf carts, people walking, people stopping along the way and chatting with each other and generally having a great time. We have line dancing, social activities, biking, and, of course, golfing!

We're searching for an active community like that in the NORTHEAST with homes in the low to mid 200's where the people are out and about. A cottage community with space for a garden would be great.

Perhaps someone will post some communities of people who have already established a community of ACTIVE adults who gather inside AND OUTSIDE of their homes.

Thank you.

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location location location.. how to find happiness/and location
by: Anonymous

hello to anyone reading this question.. i have been doing "on line" research for a similar/identical community.. \what i am finding is that the cooler, colder climates just do NOT offer the same types of communities.. i assume, it's weather related.. it's a BIG market, IF someone could wave a magic wand and create some.. i find what i am
looking for is in the carolinas, or georgia, or florida.. etc..but i've also heard some people move back to the north east, bc, they got tired of the hurricane damage and problems..

anyone else have 2 cents here.. i'm in michigan.. and don't want to be too far from kids either..
priorities.. are part of who we are at our core! our values.

Place in ne
by: Natasha

I need a place in Brooklyn I can buy. Have you seen any in your searches?

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