Adsense Passive Income

What is Adsense Passive Income? 

The box to the left is an Adsense Ad (from Google). If you click,  I get a small income. You will see these ad boxes on the top of most every page on my site. 

EXAMPLE: The ad to the left is simply to show you what an Adsense ad is, it is an image of an ad, not the real code -- so if you click it, you will stay on this page. 

There are Adsense ads all over my website. I get monthly Google Adsense checks which pay for my website expenses, plus some...

Adsense is the most basic of passive income. Buy a blog, write pages, add Adsense codes, done.

Adsense on Website:

Login to Adsense (after you have your account set up), build an ad with Google tools, and then grab the code and paste into your website. Simple.

Once the ads are up, Google serves them up every time someone lands on your website. This seems like completely passive income -- but:

  1. You need people to find your website. If you get no traffic (people finding the site), you get no readers, and therefore, no income, right? That means using keywords, content, and more to get your site into the search engines for free seaches.
  2. You can't just leave alone, forever, after the site is up. You must continually update, add content, keep it active. Google (and the other search engines) know when the site is dormant... so they send fewer searches your way, and income reduces.
  3. You CAN, however, take a summer vacation all summer long -- with little work, and the income still rolls in. That is where the "Passive" income comes into play.

I will give you precise steps to add Adsense to your blog, soon!