After Retirement What?

by suprakash lama
(Kurseong, Darjeeling,West Bengal, India.)

That it wwill never come again.
Is what makes life so sweet.
Believing what we don't believe.
Does not exhilarate.

Emily Dickson's poem touches the deep longing in the human heart to liveforever.

But the time and cirumstances don't allow us to do so.our desires and thoughts make permanence. We don't to die but the death is ultimate truth, we must accept it.

There are different kind of chapters in our life, which wee have to accept every chapters in every moment of our lives.

Going through life with all our beliefs is like seeing the world through cloured glasses. We think we are seeing reality, but our perception are filtered.

The moment, we have just passed through, will never come again.There will other, very similar days, no doubt. But this very precious moment and the day will not return. None of this will never be the same again. So we have to accept the truth and reality of our life.

The moment of reality of retirement is the perfect chapter and it certainly come to our life. As we don't want to pass out of existence, it is difficult for us to accept it,but acceptence is the truth.

According to the poem of Emile Dickonson,we believe in permanence. At least,we would like to. But we cannot find permanence in anything. So instead of longing and reaching for what ever was and never will be,we can awaken to the impermanence of this moment.

There is saying "After Retirement What?" if we wish to so --there are so many things. Don't look back the past, don't peep into the future, just concentrate about the present,'cause the present is the best moment of your life In my opinion the retirement is one of the best chapter of our life, we can provide ourselves towards the benefit for others and to the society. The better purposes are beneficiary for others.

If we would just dig a littlke deeper into actual experience and step aside of our constructed realities and from the longed for objects of our thoughts and imagination we would find life as its' actual lived.

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by: carol m

Thank you for sharing the poem lines and your thoughts.

You spoke about us seeking/searching for permanence. i've never heard it put that way before. It helped put things in perspective a little more. In my retirement, i feel so grateful to be here and all the blessings i have. All the best to you..

I'll just add:

...."and acceptance is the answer to all my problems today"...

"yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never be mine. Lord help me today, show me the way. One day at a Time."

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