After Retirement

by Sharyn

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

l decided to take early retirement from a 20yr nursing career.

l found caring for numerous old old people 80-99 yrs, took a toll on my body~ at that time l was only 55. l had aches & pains where l didn't even realize l could have aches & pains!

After 1 yr, l was missing working, and needed extra money to make ends meet at the end of the month. With all the knowledge l had gained over 2 decades, l decided to do some community nursing, that is when 1 drives from 1 home to another looking after seniors who are still able to live independently but require some help with personal care etc.

l found this work to be satisfactory for me & continued on for the next 5 yrs after which l received a diagnosis: l needed a new left hip, the one l had was rubbing bone on bone & that is why l was having so much pain!

After all was said and done, l went back to work for a different agency & still enjoy my work. l'm 65 now, with miles to go, & people to care for**

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After Retirement
by: Ashfaq Gulzar Pakistan

Wonderful, you are still doing the creative job. Some time it happen so that you are left all alone and every body takes his own destiny. Life is like that, are you not happy you have spent your life active and great. Please continue to doing, it is your return to your soil, great contribution to the mankind. Is it not sufficient you are good human being. What the earth gave you, you are returning the best to it. I too is retired, age 64, but I remain happy " It is life ".

After Retirement, 1 Year
by: Del

I am heading for retirement in November, 2013. Your story is similar to what I have been feeling: I don't want to spend my retirement days doing nothing. How do we avoid this when the time comes? That is why I joined this retirement online community. Maybe you can give advice since you have made it through the first year. Thank you for your post.

still working
by: Bratthlid

After a lifetime of wanting to do my own creative studies, I am still holding my job as a community nurse at 65. Only work four days a fortnight but still find it very difficult to cope with after all those years of work. Now there is no one at home but me and the dog. Where do our productive years go? It takes me all day to do the smallest thing.

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