Age 63, reasonable age for retirement

by Sandy
(Rochester, NY)

If in generally good health, I think 63 is reasonable.

Retiring in the 50s, at least for me, was not a favorable decision. 63 would still allow someone to work part-time a bit and then qualify for social security. Of course, this all assumes one has enough savings, too. I am now 59 (soon to be 60).

If I could go back to my retirement age of 57, I would never have retired. I was a workaholic and had no outside social life.

Don't let me scare those of you who have healthier lifestyles.

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Do Something More
by: Wendy

Sandy, I was, and still am, a workaholic.... only I found myself online now.

At only 60, you still have many years to do something for the Greater Good. Serve your community in some manner, teach online, write a blog, but please -- consider your many blessings and options, and JUST DO!

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