Age 73, still feel young!

by Mohammad Sulaiman

I am 73. But that's not true. I take it 37. A man never grows old. I feel young all the time.

I am 73. But I count it reverse as 37.
I still work for six hours every day. I like to do some household works too, if my family does not object to it. I believe that even at the age of 90 one can remain fit and healthy if he/she remains active in life. In-activity brings disaster in the health cycle.

One of my friends had retired at 60. He started enjoying very easy and comfortable life. I always suggested him to avoid luxury and always insisted upon him to remain busy with physical as well as mental works at least six hours per day.

But he always rejected my ideas on why he should work. He had plenty of income from properties and businesses.

One day he fell sick. Later paralyzed and after prolong illness expired.

I always suggest every retired person to remain active for the sake of keeping health.

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Aging :
by: Anonymous

Well, Mohammad, aging can begin with any age if you don't have the best of attitudes and know life is a gift . Sickness can also stRike anyone at any age even the healthiest of people. A healthy life-style is important but sometimes unfortunate situations happen to the best of us. Good that you are one of the fortunate ones, keep up with what you enjoy !

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