Age 80: Lucky inherited genes a gift

by Eunice
(Burnsville, MN)

"You do not look 80!"

I both love hearing it and get upset hearing it. The apheresis employees said it as they met this described 80 year old who was scheduled to donate her big assortment of platelets at their aphereis site. Something I have done at another site for 10 years. Love it.

But when I wheel my wheel chair 88 year old husband into yet another scheduled department of the VA, I am asked if I am his daughter? Luckily his hearing is bad so he misses this insult to him. Upset if he heard.

I'm not sure how to accept this latest quip from a University of MN student boarding the same new bus route that skips downtown Minneapolis and goes only to the University. "Aren't you on the wrong bus?"

"No," I tell him. "I work there in the Bookstore."

Wendy" You Go Girl! I hope to be active like this at 80 too! Congrats to you and your good genes!

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