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Passion in life
by: Irwin

Thanks Bernice for your kind comments about my post.

Each day, I try to think of just one little something that makes life worth while and I have yet to be disappointed.

When one gets down to the nitty gritty of everything, unless we are bedridden or have some other very serious ailment complicating our lives, for the most part, each of us should be able to find just one little thing that we enjoy so much that the mere thought of waking up tomorrow just so that we can re-entertain ourselves with that which we thoroughly enjoy is, in and of itself, a person's true passion in life.

As one might guess, I enjoy writing. Unfortunately I do not do as much as I would like but I am working on it.

So, moving forward let me say - dream of what it is you would like to do and if it is even a wee bit possible, go for it. Having something in life we call our true passion can make a difference between having a good day or a bad day.

Hopefully you are having and will continue to have many good days in the future.


Aging a time to find our passion in life
by: Bernice

Love it, well written and very touching. I am still looking for my passion but am content with life at this stage. I have had a wake up call this year with the passing of a much loved uncle and four other extended family members, so yes indeed we all need/should follow our passions or at least be content until we find our true nitch in life, thank you for your warm, friendly post, enjoy your life and hopefully you will find your true passion.

Aging - A time to find our passion in life!
by: Irwin Lengel

Thanks Wendy.

I haven't been finding as much time as I would hope to in order to write here on this site (but I am working on it). I appreciate your comments to this posting. It is something I truly feel - for lack of a better word - "passionate" about and as a result, decided it needed to be said.

My hopes are to get in the habit of writing something at least weekly with the hope of gaining a following. But only time will tell with regards that dream.

Thanks again for the opportunity to write on your website.

Aging: Purpose and Passion!!
by: Wendy

I love this post! Irwin, as you might guess, I totally agree... life needs passion and purpose!

It might be as simple as volunteering at a pet shelter, nurturing the dogs (and nurturing your inner soul too) until they are adopted.

If you are creative, an art class might just start your off on a new lifestyle! Your eyes opened to see the world very differently... every flower petal or squirrel's ear. (OK, we had a squirrel here yesterday with pure white ears, the outside that point to the top of his lil head.. adorable!)

You might work part-time at a Hardware Store - sincerely loving helping folks find what they need.

You might crochet with online groups for our military folks... sending a bit of your love from home,

You might walk. And walk and walk and walk some more... getting healthier and healthier on the way. You decide this clears your head, gives you time to breathe deeply, use your body in a healthy way. You go further to start Retiree Walking Clubs in your community -- posting flyers, and walking with group chatter or in silence with people about you in support of you.

There is a world out there - your passion doesn't have to cost loads. It might be free, often is.

It's simply sharing of yourself in some way - giving back to the family, friends, or local community.

We simply can't be LUMPS in a CHAIR...
it's not good, it's not healthy -- and if you hope to live a long life, purpose and passion is necessary!

Thanks Millions, Irwin!

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