Aging and Death: Will never be ready!

by Pattie
(South Fl, Treasure Coast)

I see aging as every day is a day closer to death.. Every day you get slower, your organs slow and deteriorate, there's no escaping it. No matter what you do to the outside, you can't do anything about the inside. No matter what you do, you're going to die.

I hate when ppl say they look fwd to growing old.. It is just not fair at all that we are born, just to die. Women suffer all their lives.. period, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer..menopause..abuse.. as we go past 70, the future starts to fade.. just as there are 4 seasons to the weather, so is there for humans..

And to make everything worse, we have to always worry about one disease or another that may shorten our lives faster.

Do i sound like doom and gloom?

I am just being real.. make the most of every single day as growing old is a privilege denied many.. and if Obama care should ever go through, kiss your butt goodbye.

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Hear ya, but dissagree
by: Ally

I retired two years ago, and lately I've been feeling that way a bit too, the only thing that keeps me going is a friend once said to me to remember this, from the day we are born, we are all dying.

When we are young we don't think of it as much, but as we get older and especially after retirement, we cant help but think of it more. I try to put it away when I ruminate about it, even to the point of not reading the obits all the time.

It is harder when health issues come up. When I was working I was glass half full all the time, but I have to work at it harder now.

crepe hanging
by: dorotha

wow...and i thought i was a negative person...not so much i guess... sadly i do not have the gift of faith... i think it would be so very cool to be able to believe... but i cannot... but that being said... if this is my trip... i am gonna enjoy it sa much as i can... i am healthy, sadly not wealthy, and a dman sight wiser about some things than i was when i was young... but if i get to a place where i am suffering... i am out of here... but until that day comes..,life is pretty damn cool and i want to see what is going to happen next...i have my dogs, my family, my friends, my health, my computer,... summer is coming... soon i hope...i no longer have to get up before the sun to go to work... i retired to care for my mother who is 95 and going pretty strong... this is not a bad deal... and i categorically refuse to worry about what i cannot control...drooling in my oatmeal and suffering is not going to happen to me...but hopefully that is a decision i can put off for a long time... if not... it's been an interesting ride...

Aging and Death
by: Anonymous

I heard all your comments.
I agree with your thoughts.

I just believe that in a perfect world there would be no death but seeing that we are not in the most perfect of worlds, we are under God's plan and His plan says we are born, we live, we grow up, grow in faith and then get older and most likely get sick and then die ~ onto a better place in time.

by: Anonymous

Does any adult believe in Santa? No, it is a fantasy.. religion is the biggest scam ever put on humans. There has never been and will never be any proof of an after life. I don't believe in BLIND faith.

Aging and Death
by: Anonymous

AND all because of Adam and Eve and the Eating of that Apple ~ sounds unfair to me also but I guess we are born and then we live to the best of our ability and then die ~ nothing we can do ~ maybe we can be reborn ~ think?

Shirley McClain believes that we will come back if we choose ~ maybe you need to be more positive and ask God to help you understand the reasoning of WHY and HOW and then Believe that God will bring you through those bad times and even death ~ I do!

No one likes to hear truths!
by: Pattie

I don't mean you should "focus" on the fact that you will die someday. I just meant that it is unfair to come into the world and have to leave it.. There is so much suffering.. just go to any hosp and visit the oncology ward or to a hospice or even a nursing home. My fear is suffering, not dying. I don't care what anyone says, you are not going to get better or stronger as you age.. things do not get better with age.. that's all hype!

Focus on the positive
by: Bett

Everything on earth dies eventually; it's just a fact of life. But, in the meantime, there are so many good things in life, why focus on the bad, depressing stuff? There is always something to be positive about, something to be thankful for. Why not focus on the good stuff, the positive stuff. When you get up in the morning, think of at least five things to be thankful for, and do the same thing at night - doesn't have to be big things.
Why waste the time we do have on earth being depressed and negative?
And I do agree with the other person who believes there is another life after this earthly one - something else to be thankful for. :)

Another Day, Another Opportunity
by: Paul Cunningham

True! And we can make similar negative comments about each stage of our lives!

But why bother? What are the benefits of focusing on the negatives when there are so many positives to enjoy! I am 81 and am pumped about all my fun activities I have planned for the future - mostly focused on helping others. I realize that I can be of real value to people of all ages.

It's a matter of attitudes and focus. Life will be exactly what you expect it to be - good or bad!

We all are going to die sometime. That's always ahead of us. No big deal. Certainly not worth focusing on when there are so many, many small fun things that are asking for our attention.

Choose to go for an attitude adjustment and live your life to the fullest! You are worth it!!!!

Paul Cunningham

Aging and Death
by: Donelda

Well, I suppose if you feel there is no life after death, that would be a problem. Myself, I put my faith in the Lord and pray He takes me through this earthly journey to where He wants me to be and who He wants me to be and I try to really get out there and enjoy life either inside or outside. We've all been young at one time and yes , we do go through seasons in our life-time. I'm happy with everyday especially when I see through the eyes of others less fortunate Ya gotta have faith !

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