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There is hope yet .....
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava New Delhi, India

Dear Ms Sally P. of Florida,

We are observing Friendship Day in India today. Here is greeting you and all readers of/visitors to this website on Friendship Day.

Hundreds of years ago KESHAV, a noted poet in Hindi language expressed feelings similar to your sentiments. He had said :-

Keshav kesani as kari,
Jas arihoon na karaahi,
Chandramukhi, mrig-lochani,
Baba kahi-kahi jaany ....

(Poet Keshave has been dealt a cruel blow by his greying hair, a blow worse than the blow by an enemy. Beautiful girls with faces as beautiful as the full moon and eyes as cute as those of a doe, come to me and address me again and again as "Grandpa".)

The answer lies in looking not at people who are younger or younger looking than us. We should look at people who are older or older looking. If we do this, we shall have not much to complain.

Many people stop caring for their health and looks when they reach a certain stage in life. Care for your body and looks without much expectations. This way, if you fall short of your targets, you will not be dejected.

I am very fond of kids. I have three grandsons - 16/14/8 years in age. When I am in their company, I feel energetic, young and happy.

Also, adopt an attitude of laughter at things and at yourself. When you laugh, the world laughs with you and you feel good.

A man aged 89 years was accused of attempting to rape an eighteen year old girl. He stopped coming to the park and chatting with his friends. When he came back after 6 weeks, his friends asked him as to what had happened. Where had he been? He told them that he was in jail serving a sentence of one month's imprisonment for his crime of attempt to rape a young girl.

One friend was quick to notice the anomaly and pointed out that one month was too short a punishment for his crime. Then the man disclosed that he had pleaded guilty at once when he was charged with the attempt to rape since he felt very good about this charge. But the judge was not fooled. The judge saw through his lie and gave him one month's prison sentence for telling a lie by pleading guilty and not for attempt to rape which would have invited longer imprisonment.

Whatever be your age, take a new look at things and you will be surprised by the opportunities of enjoying life and feeling great.

Sincerely, DK, New Delhi, India, 7th Aug, 2011

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