Aging Gracefully on the
"Green Side of the Grass" (video)

by Wendy

We've been talking about Aging lately... then I ran across this funny video that I just had to share!

This video is about the aging issues that we've discussed lately, and just was a perfect reminder of the conversations:

Irwin started off with his two cents on TIME with an article - Retirement: Newly Found Time. Read all the comments below it.. great thread!

Then Ricardo started another similar article on the things that happen as you age... and got lots of comments too! Pondering the Aging Process.

Then Wendy (that's me) ran across this fabulous video that says it all... and puts the positive spin on all the Aging Stuff.

Without further ado...

The Green Side of the Grass

I hope you enjoyed it! Kinda puts Aging into Perspective, doesn't it?

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