Aging is Inevitable, but...

by Sherry L.

Growing old is something that each of us think about on a regularly basis. We all know that we cannot stop the passing of time and I often think about how its funny how time just slips away.

There is an old saying you are only as old as you feel, but when you are suffering with different health aliments, you may feel ‘50’ one day and ‘90’ the next.

Age has to be put into perspective simply because there is no option to growing old, and you should be able to accept it with grace and dignity instead of fighting it every step of the way.

Naturally you want to look radiant be healthy with as much vigor and vitality as possible. Growing older doesn’t mean that you have nothing else to contribute to society.

For the most part older people are not any less smart, intelligent or alert. Many older people are actively in the work force and able to work with speed and accuracy. It is important to have a balanced approach and positive outlook toward aging and take the opportunity to use all of the wisdom and knowledge that you have acquired thought the years.

We must hold on to the optimism and keep giving and expanding your life Sometimes you may not feel old until you recall an event that happen so many years ago, or you visit a place where you hung out as a young adult; then you think for a moment that you are really old, although you maybe feeling great.

We will all have moments when we drift back in time, but what matters is that we can quickly bounce back to the place and time where we are experiencing and enjoying life as an older adult. In the end we must accept no one can ever stop the passing of time and aging is inevitable.

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Very Encouraging
by: Anonymous

I was just out today doing my power walk with a group of ladies near my age. I am sixty four. We were talking about this very thing and how much we can still contribute.

Thanks much for writing this. I hope you get many replies!


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