Aging: Memory?

by James

In recent years I have noticed my memory is not what it used to be. I have trouble remembering things, especially names. Do you have the same problem. If so, is there anything you do to keep your memory intact. For example, I do crosswords, read and learn a foreign language. I believe it is helping me. How about you?

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Getting forgetful means becoming wiser
by: Sadayasu


I am from Japan and thought I would comment on your note.

Some say that people get forgetful as they age. But that is also a sign that they are getting smarter and wiser. They select things that are worth memorizing. Their brains tell them not to bother memorizing what is not worth remembering. There are exceptions, of course. But, isn’t that is great?

Well, I must tell you that forgetfulness is doing me some good as well.

I have my study is on the second floor at home and I often need to go down stairs to pick up things that I need. So, I go down, but by the time I am down in the living room, I forget what I was looking for. So, I run upstairs again and try to remember what I was looking for. And then I go down again. Very often, I have to repeat this at least many times every day.

The same thing happens when I go shopping, especially grocery shopping. I end up making multiple trips to a shop because I always forget something that I was told to buy. As you know, most of us in Japan do the grocery shopping almost every day to get things very fresh. Our grocery shop is a ten minute walk from my home.

But,if you think about it, this is giving me, an old man, a pretty good exercise.

There is another benefit I get for being forgetful. I rent videos of old movie from Tsutaya (rental video shop). I usually pick up the old titles that sound familiar to me. That means that I have seen those movies before and liked them. I come home and play them and I find all those movies entirely new to me as if I have never seen them before. So, I thoroughly enjoy them. Each video costs me only a dollar. Isn’t that great? The same applies to books.

Well, I am telling myself that I am getting wiser. There is no denying, though, that it puts me in embarrassing situations at times.


Wendy: Interesting... I've always used my Polish Grandfathers excuse for memory as my own. It was so logical.

He was living in an Assisted Living Apartment -- and meals were for everyone. Mom and I visited and she asked "What did you have for dinner?" He replied "Meat and potatoes..." Mom says "Dad, you know every cent in your pocket, down to the penny, but you don't know what you ate for dinner?" His response: "I know whats important..."

I am SURE my mother would never remember that conversation, but it made a mark on my life. Who cares if I had chicken or pork an hour earlier.. I know what's important.

To this day, I can't talk about local restaurants like everyone else does... I don't remember them until I revisit them. BUT ask me about retirement, websites, or my passions in life -- and I have plenty loaded in my brain! Grin!

I totally agree, Sadayasu, with this: "They select things that are worth memorizing. Their brains tell them not to bother memorizing what is not worth remembering."

Thank you for the reminder!

by: Goldie

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Remember What?
by: Goldie

My brain and my eyes seem to be failing at rapid speed. I've noticed names, dates and words are difficult to recall and my sight is very fuzzy.
If only we could reverse the aging process -wouldn't it be nice?

memory at 100
by: Anonymous

My husband will be 100 next month. His favourite puzzles are crytograms. He spoke eight languages and could read and write them includes Chinese and Japanese. But he always had trouble with names. He would know where a student sat in his class but would struggle for the name. This last year he has had more trouble with memory, especially short term memory.
I occasionally have lapses too.

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