Aging: My Thoughts at Age 81

by Mary Lou
(Miami, Fl)

Well, being 81 years old, I feel qualified to write about aging.

First, look around at elderly people, they are all old, but they are all different. Some are grey, others have round shoulders, age spots, old eyes, false teeth, their walk is a shuffle, they sit and sleep a lot.

Now, look at other elderly people, they are young looking, active, they wear makeup, they do everything they can to look and stay young.

The difference is in their mind, their perception of age, or their determination to beat it.

We all know people who look 75 and are 50, like wise we know that person that looks 45 and is 60, again it is a state of mind.

A lot of men and women start thinking about getting old when they reach a certain age. The slow down they stop doing things that they are capable of, they know they are getting old so they better take it easy.

And that my friend, gets to be a bad habit, remember the old saying, use it or lose it.

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So true!
by: Carolyn

How true! I've found that I have to exercise in order to have a better quality of life. I've felt depressed lately due to being left out of things at work because I'm so much older than the others. Your post has cheered me up and made me see that attitude is so important.

Wendy WOO HOO! The power of community does help... that's what I love, retiree helping almost-retiree.. yeah!

I really like your post:
by: Sweetjayne

Thank you so much for those thoughts on aging. Your post gave me something to think about. There are in fact those of us who don't look our ages.

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