Aging... What Do You Think?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

What do you think about aging, in general? How are you aging?

When do you feel old? When do you feel young(er)?

Do you have an experience to share with others to put "aging" into perspective?

Is AGING what you make of it? Sometimes getting older is not pretty, other times you might just enjoy that serenity, wisdom, and fun times that come with age!

Do you feel spurts of vitality and youth sometimes?

Are you mostly depressed and feeling "old"?

What do you do to perk yourself up?

** Please provide your age and location (to put your answer into perspective)... Thanks!

Comments for Aging... What Do You Think?

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by: Irwin/Florida

Age - soon to be 82 (next month).

Normally my age doesn't bother me although I do sort of tend to feel old and my age when I get sick or aren't feeling up to par.

As to how we are aging - pretty good - so much so that when at the doctor's office for a normal routine visit - when looking around the room - we tend to look at each other (wife is 84) and ask: "And why are we here?"

When do we feel old - well - like I said, usually when we aren't feeling quite right. Or when I bend over to pick something I dropped or have to get something from a lower cabinet. At our age, we shouldn't have to be down on our knees anymore.

When do we feel young? When we are able to go to a dance and dance like we were 60.

Hmmm, put aging into perspective - Well, let me just say this - once you reach 80 - you shouldn't have to pack up and move to a new location and so forth.

Yes, AGING is what you make of it. One can sit around eating Fritos and watching TV or one can do other things like reading, painting, writing, learning another language - anything to keep the mind and body active.

Spurts of vitality and youth - Yup - sometimes they do occur - fewer and farther in between than in the past - but they do happen.

Depressed and feeling old - No, we both try to keep an upbeat and positive attitude. Good thing is that we still have each other and usually when one of us is down the other is up and vice versa.

When I have one of those "UH OH" moments, I put on country music - particularly Willie Nelson, Ray Stevens, or Jerry Reed and dance throughout the house. Lifts my spirits every time.

Well, that's about it right now and I see I gave my age but not my location - well - it is central Florida and YES, we made it through Hurricane with no damage although we did leave our home to go to a more secure location to ride it out.

Hope this info is helpful. One day at a time folks, one day at a time!

Wendy: Thanks Irwin! Great perspective!!

Aging Out Time
by: William HI

Your question are of one thing; "Time." or how not to age is not by turning back time, but by slowing it down.

You won't live longer if you go to Pluto, however; if you're born on Pluto you'll live longer than people born on Earth.

The point of the questions is how to get more out of life by living in-between the dimensions of your life; or to move with time.

The life of Methuselah is an expression of a person that came from a place where longevity was 900 yrs; but decided to live out their life where longevity is 120 yrs.

"Live long and prosper"

Here are my experiences
by: Tom Burnaby BC

Like most men, retirement was not easy. We are so task oriented that without an actual job to get up and every day, many of us are lost.

I had a few years of depression and anxiety but with the help of my doctor and your website, I managed to view retirement life as a clean slate that I can do anything and focus on things that make me happy.

Sure, life is not always sunny and we have physical and emotional problems along the way but I find that exercise always clears my stressed and anxious mind.

I also found that by volunteering my time and efforts to help other people and make them laugh, also makes me happy.

People look forward to seeing me at the gym. I also help my 91-year-old mother take care of her house and yard and I always try to make her smile and get her involved so it makes her feel involved.

As a hobby, I retrieve things ppl throw out and try to repair it even if I have no idea how to; learning how to fix things is always a challenge worth taking. Tom

Wendy: Tom, My husband does the same! He repaired a vintage violin that no dealer would touch, many flat-screen TVs, and more. Google the item on YouTube (and what is wrong) and I bet you'll find someone out there showing you how to repair it! He loves the challenge too!

by: matt i

winning the lottery ticket of life and get to spend 20 to 40 years in retirement to spend it is a miracle.

I no longer provide my age --i provide them hours, as i have calculated at 68 years old -- its over (600,000) and i appreciate each and every hour regardless of what is happening in the world, and by helping people less fortunate --remind us there is a reason to age and that is to give back.

comments on aging
by: Ned

think aging is a process we start when we are born. first come the learning years, and to many those years never stop. then there are the teaching years, when we get to share some of the knowledge we have gained or by mistakes we have made along the way.

I Think the hardest part of the aging process is learning that we can not do some of the things we once did for many reasons.

we also have to learn ways to accommodate the things we can not do anymore due to many reasons, some times health or physical problems.

it is learning how to access those problems in your life.

Yes, Ma'am...
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Just never ever call me Ma'am!

Not sure why, I just hate that term, BIG GRIN here!

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