by Ruth Johnson
(Buffalo, NY)

My Haiku

Your time has expired

No longer a caterpillar

Now a butterfly.

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Becoming a butterfly
by: Anonymous

Sorry to tell you wishful thinking won't do it. I was the suburban mom of six, wife and teacher most of my productive years. I wore the uniform of the woman of those years like Beaver's mom. The required dress and the split level house were my cocoon.

Then retirement, the children left the nest and I was now a widow.

If you have ever watched a butterfly struggle to shed the cocoon, you may understand the work it takes to discover your own beauty.

A creative writing group at the local senior center helped me discover writing. My specialty is Haikus. I have a list of people who enjoy getting one Haiku each day. If you would like to be on that list, send me your email address.

by: Anonymous

Just curious to find out what work you did as a caterpillar? After your transition what did you do to morph into a butterfly? OR was this just wishful thinking?

Joe W.

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