All Alone and So Depressed

by April

Lost my second young adult child a year ago. Yes have been to grief counseling, talked to my ministers, and I know no one can bring either child back.

Lost my best friend two years ago, in a brutal car accident. we traveled and did many fun things. My neighborhood is not friendly. i could be dead for days and no one would know.

I feel like i have nothing to live for..

Have a son left But he does not call that often, and his wife never calls or texts or ever calls to see if i am alive. It hurts.

The son I lost was always visiting or calling me. A great caring communicator. I miss him terribly. Lately I feel like everything I touch goes wrong..can’t do anything right. so feel I should move to Florida and get out of the cold.

My minister said getting away from all the sadness might help, hope i will meet some nice, new people. I truly need a friend and pen pal...

So alone I have gotten to the point I don’t even want to leave the house, or do anything socially...anyone else feel like this?

Would love to hear from someone...

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by: Debra /Washington

Hello. I lost my two adult children. I am having to rebuild my life. If you are going to move I would recommend going to a senior community like The Village. You find likeminded people and activities. Best of Luck.

Hanging in there
by: Jennifer, Canada

Hi April,

My heart goes out to you!

I am married but other than my husband I have no family and other than on rare occasions am confined to home. I also understand the loss of children and the emptiness and sadness.

Instead of focusing on my losses and the voids in my life, I find it helps to focus on helping others.

I would love to be a friend and penpal. Hang in there. (((HUGS)))

I can relate
by: Anonymous

I understand how you feel. I feel alone often even when I’m with people. I always said I was born with a loneliness gene.

I’m a widow but with no children or grandchildren (my choice).

I have a few friends and a couple of hobbies and I live in Fla. Before covid there were plenty of volunteer opportunities but that has mostly dried up. However a move here might be good for you, as there are a lot of older people and people who would understand many of your feelings and concerns.

I would suggest not the Orlando area as it is so very crowded and not the Panhandle, as it’s really not like Florida, but more like Alabama.

Not Alone
by: Dani

Hi April,
I would be happy to listen and be a pen pal with you. You are not alone...

I hear you
by: Sharon in north carolina

Make yourself go outside every day! I live in an unfriendly neighborhood, too! It helps to work outside the home—helps a lot!

All Alone
by: Carol, Canada

April, I wrote before but my comment didn't seem to appear!

I just wanted to extend to you my heartfelt sympathy. There really is nothing but time that will heal your hurting heart.

In my times of despair, I found that writing out all my feelings, everything, was a sort of release. Nobody is going to read it so you can say whatever you want. I still do that to this day.

Again, extremely sorry for a loss that should never have happened.

Love, Carol

All alone
by: Carol, Canada

I'm so sorry for your loss and offer my deepest sympathy.

I know it's an old cliche but time is the only healer.

I have found that in hard and lonely times, writing my deepest thoughts and feelings seemed to help.

Good luck

I can relate
by: Anonymous

You did not say how old you are but it sounds like you have talked to some of the right people.

I am 76 this month. I have 2 grown daughters and 4 grown grands. They all live over 1200 miles from me and youngest rarely emails me.

The oldest once a day and sometimes visits but because of Covid can't this year again.

I have health issues that limit what I can do but have gone to church and loved the Lord for many years now. Keep the faith he will see you through.

I can't imagine losing a child but have a friend who did and she has a lot of faith and finds gardening one of many ways to keep busy. She is a year older than me and shows me up in every way. LOL Actually she moved from FL. to TX. where she is nearer to family.

I will stay where I am because of finances. I do not have many epals right now and would welcome another if you care to do that.

Hope things get better and I do hear from you.

You are not alone
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

There are so many people around the world who feel alone and lonely but there are many resource to tap into to make connections.

Start with Next Avenue, Encore, Generation to Generation, and AARP. There are many groups you can join to share your experiences and connect.

You have so much to give and share, please don't hide it from the world!

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