All of life's doors are not closed after Retirement.

by Noelle
(Speedway, Indiana)

Look at it as time to tap into your creative side...

A few months after my retirement, I became depressed.

What did I do? I found myself a therapist that helped me see the brighter side of being retired. Gosh, how I love those senior citizen discounts.

Then my husband became ill and after 3 1/2 years of being his sole caretaker, which pretty much isolated me from the world, he passed away. I went through a rather long period of grief.

So, I made another trip to that same therapist and her suggestion was that I find my creative side. I was with the appellate court for many years as a paralegal and along with doing tons of research, I also did a lot of writing.

So, I have tapped into the writer within me, and even wrote a song that I gave to a country music artist in Nashville, TN. He turned my simple song into one that made it to #3 on the independent country chart. Even though I refused any compensation for the song, it gave me a real boost to know that I was still of value.

Today, 8 years since retirement, I have learned many lessons. My most valuable lesson was that I am not the only one struggling....there are millions of others in this huge boat; taking this Journey one day at a time and meeting the issues one on one.

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This is for Richard
by: Noelle

Life, for me, began at the end of my comfort zone, Richard. Meaning: "We have a choice in every moment, about everything.

I choose to follow my intuition, heart, spirit, my inner gut feeling of what I deem to be right or wrong. It's just the way I am. Let me give you another example, if you don't mind.

When I was about 7 years old, my Mother bought me a beautiful new coat...the kind that came with what they called a "Muff" that kept your hands warm. She let me wear it to school one day and I came home without it. When she asked what happened to my coat, I told her the truth. There was a little girl that didn't have a coat at recess so I gave her mine. Well, she hit the roof and I got the whipping of my life. But, you know what? I refused to cry so she would hit me that much harder. I was not ashamed of what I had done and I'll be damned if I was going to let her or anyone else break me down. They next coat she bought me was second hand. Little did she know, at that time, I would have gladly given that one away too if someone else needed it worse than I did. I'm a stubborn ole cuss. :-) Blessings to You and Yours, Noelle xx

Life's Doors
by: Richard


Life is interesting and full of choices good and bad. You being there for that young girl that day was no accident. Helping others fills the Heart.


To: Richard
by: Noelle

I don't have any plans to begin a writing career at my age in my condition but if I did, I enjoy expressing my ideas and opinions on legal issues...minus all of the complicated legal jargon and archaic language.

TO: Joe W. Seniorpreneur
by: Noelle

Hi Joe!

I wish I could use exercise to strengthen my heart but there is a major medical issue recently discovered that prevents anything strenuous.

I had pneumonia in Nov. 2016 which required a CT scan of my chest area. The scan revealed that I have what they call a TAA - Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm. It is 6 cm in size...about the size of a small woman's fist. I have seen many specialists since November and all agree that my congestive heart failure prevents the aneurysm from being operable. They said the chances of me dying on the operating table would be over 90%.

So, I live with the fact that it could rupture at any given moment and that I will bleed to death on the spot. That's some pretty tough news to swallow but I still try and think positive and believe that God will not take me until He is ready.

I believe in my heart that I still have much to offer others...not myself. You have a Blessed Day. Noelle xx

This is for Richard
by: Noelle

No, I haven't seen the movie "Paying it Forward." I haven't been inside a movie theater in so long because back surgery prevents me from sitting for long periods of time. I will check around and see it I can rent it and watch it from home.

You asked if I had ever paid for someone's lunch while standing in line...and I can't say that I have but I have done other things that are kind of the same thing.

Last year I was in Walmart picking up a few things I needed and while in the quick check out line, I saw a young girl (perhaps 16-18 years old) that was surrounded by what looked to be security officers and she had tears streaming down her face. I could tell she was absolutely scared to death. Well, being the bold old broad that I am, I went up to one of the security guards and asked if I could speak to her. She rudely told me that she was busy and started to walk away....I followed her back to where the young girl was and asked the girl if I could help her in some way. I don't know if it was out of shame or embarrassment, she just looked down and shook her head "No." My gut instincts told me that she was in trouble and needed help, and the security people kept badgering her about the items in her cart. So, I glanced in the cart and all that was there were diapers, formula, baby food, baby juice...all stuff for an infant. Then my motherly instincts kicked in....this young girl obviously had a baby and was trying to get the things it needed. The guards became hostile with me and my legal knowledge came into play. I asked the girl if she had money to pay for the items and she looked away with big ole alligator tears in her eyes....I had my answer. But, I did know this much for sure, the girl was still inside the store so nothing could be considered stolen. I told the big burly female security guards to back off as I was going to pay for everything she had. I did just that, then pushed my cart aside and decided to take my business elsewhere. To this day, I still don't know what the problem was other than the girl was attempting to feed and clothe a baby. The guards were handling the situation all wrong, whatever it was. No one deserves to be badgered and humiliated in front of scads of other people in a public place. The girl thanked me for helping and my heart was satisfied I had done the right thing.

I have not been in another Walmart store since that day and never will go back. If that young girls cart had been filled with junk food, etc., it would have been a completely different story but all that was there were items necessary to feed and care for a child.

Does that count as paying it forward?

Life's doors
by: Richard


What a wonderful gesture buying those tools from that young man.

You have a good heart! I think in moments like that when we are moved to do something out of the box it fills are heart and soul with so much more than a few dollars would do.

It's called "pay it forward". Have you seen the movie?
How about paying for someone's lunch behind you in line at a drive up restaurant?

Take care,

by: Joe W.

Hi Noelle, Thanks very much for your e-mail reply. Most seniors don't want to carry on the conversation to get help if they need it. Your a special person. Your replying to everyone here which I think hasn't happened before. Congratulations!

Writing is a relaxing activity. I believe that with your background writing could provide a different focus for you that will make you sleep better at night. At the same time your doctor or another knowledgeable person can suggest the right physical exercises that could strengthen your heart. If you decide to pursue writing please advise me what subject area you will be concentrating on to pursue this particular retirement career.

I started my writing career in the local public library in 2006 to research and write up ideas for my Seniorpreneur Project. Today this project is still going on. It has expanded globally and will soon be a movement for seniors 50+. One person can do many great things and I think your that one person.

Joe W.

This is for Joe W
by: Noelle

I didn't forget you, Joe, honestly.

I have an imagination that goes way OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. There are many nights that I toss and turn because my mind won't shut down. Having time to discover the real me has been interesting to say the least.

I hate being idle but with a new diagnosis of congestive heart failure, among other things, has forced me to slow down just a bit.

But, I will never, ever stop writing. I have lots of wisdom to share and, by golly, as long as God gives me the strength to write, I refuse to give up. Thanks for commenting. It was very much appreciated.

This is for Nancy
by: Noelle

I really enjoyed your comments about the new hobbies you have picked up since retiring, especially the art of quilting.

I know a very elderly woman in Brown County (Nashville, IN) that owned a quilt shop for many years. She and her husband ran the shop together - she pieced the quilts and he used the machine to put the backing on them. I watched a few times and it was simply amazing. So, silly me, I thought I would try my hand at piecing quilts...NAUGHT! I tried my best but each one got uglier as I went along. I just didn't have the niche for it, I guess. I admire that you can do it.

Now, as for the coloring book thing, I couldn't stay between the lines as a kid, I can only imagine what it would look like now. :-)

This is for Richard
by: Noelle

I didn't have a horse as a child but did own an Arabian Gelding and an Appaloosa Mare when I was in my 30's. I can relate to everything you said in your comment.

I, too remember the early morning feedings...snow, rain or sunshine. But, you know, I loved every single minute of it. But, like you, I am sure I would appreciate it even more now. It's funny, how, in hindsight, all those little things that irritated having to take naps. Now, I love taking naps.

Another thing that used to get under my skin was when my father took me to the general store with him....the only thing he wanted to look at was hardware and tools. You know what? It rubbed off on me, sure enough. I now find myself always buying some kind of tool whether I need it or not. If it says Craftsman or DeWalt on it, I'm sold.

For example, I stopped by the local pawn shop last week and there was a young man trying to sell a toolbox full of tools...the clerk offered him $10 lousy dollars. I followed the boy outside and asked why he was selling them and he said he needed to pay his rent. Well, that did it for me...I asked him how much he wanted and he said $100. I bought the whole thing.

I didn't need any of it but I sure slept good that night knowing that young man had a roof over his head. I wish now that I had gotten his name and number as I would gladly give him his tools back.

Yes, life takes many twists and turns and I do my best to keep up. I have so much inside of me to share that I doubt I live long enough to get it all out,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Life's doors
by: Richard

I admire your strength.

I too have been through some depression. I think we have all shared this same kind of feeling upon retiring.

I am into my second year now and it is becoming easier to feel happy. I stood in the rain today waiting for my horses to come around from the barn to have their breakfast. I was walking through the puddles in the pasture in my rubber boots and I smiled, remembering so long ago as a child walking in the rain. Who didn't like to walk through puddles as a kid? :)

Where before when I was working, I would be impatient to get this morning feeding done and be irritated at the rain!

I pause more now and enjoy the little things more.
This opportunity I have been given to grow a new me is truly a blessing.


Glad you enjoyed my post
by: Noelle

I am pleased that a couple of you enjoyed my post about tapping into our creative side when we retire. I believe everyone has a creative just have to sometimes dig deep to find it.

Life, itself, forces us all to be creative. Heck, just stretching our social security checks/retirement checks for 31 days will definitely make you be creative.

Again, thanks for commenting....I sincerely appreciate each one.

by: Joe W.

Congrats on looking inside yourself to find the creativity within you. Too many seniors expect outsiders to tell them what they should do in their retirement life. Creativity provides you with a voice that you didn't know you had until you actually tried something on your own.

Doors are not closed
by: Nancy

Wow, what a wonderful post. Congratulations on the song you wrote! I would like to hear it.

Also, I liked what you said about not being on this journey alone and there are others struggling. We help each other.

Creativity is what keeps me going too. I quilt. It gives me endless enjoyment long after a quilt is finished. This year I'm sewing just for myself. Last year I made some quilts for other people, and quilt blocks for quilt swaps.

I also play the piano and I have a new hobby: adult coloring books.

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