Almost my last walk

by Mikey
(port colborne, ontario)

Not a very nice day today, but I had to go to the bank. It is a cool 30 f. with drizzle on and off and gusty winds. There were lots of big puddles on the sidewalks. Because of the snow along the curbs the water had nowhere to go. If it freezes like it is supposed to do tonight it will make for very bad walking conditions.

Anyway, I was on the sidewalk walking past the supermarket parking lot. I was half way across the exit ramp when I saw this lady driving out of the lot. She slowed down like most do when someone is on the sidewalk but I noticed she was looking to the right instead of straight ahead. I decided to stop.

Good job I did because she just kept going. By the time she turned to face the front I was standing by her door only a few inches away. It really startled her. She rolled down her window and said sorry about ten times.......

The rest of the walk was uneventful, I walked down by the canal for about 15 minutes to look at the huge cargo ships that were docked there for the winter and then headed home.....

Danger lurks around every corner ! !

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Your important story
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear M:

The population of the world can learn from your story.
So many people, young ones especially , take trigger-fast risks and end up in hospitals or jails as a result.

The woman in the car learned a lot from this incident. She has now learned to always look both ways when necessary - while driving .

The hardest thing for me to learn throughout this life has been patience, except when dealing with people. I still have trouble with it.

Strange how I was able to be patient with my four little children, and with pupils when I was teaching.. But in other matters I wanted things like appliances and the computer fixed "now".

Your alertness and intelligence saved you from who knows what.

You have given all of us an important reminder.

Thank you.
Blessings. Elna

Danger Lurks
by: Ron/Illinois

It seems we have to be watching out for ourselves no matter what we do in today's world

Walking- Suddenly So Different
by: Zenobia/ Minnesota

Hi Mikey!

I just had to reply to your interesting take on walking and how it changes as we age.

I grew up with more than one vehicle in our house as a child, but when I got married, neither my husband or I were drivers. We lived in Chicago where in our neighborhood there was access to many stores, doctor's offices, grocers, and if we needed to go further away, we caught public transportation which was easily accessible.

When I became a single ( divorced) wife with five children, we stuck to that pattern.

Moving along with this story, however, I now live in Minnesota and have walked and walked and utilized public transportation, then friends took me places and my adult children take me places.

When I "suddenly" became a senior ( somewhere in my early sixties) suddenly the navigation of streets became tricky. Drivers seemed to see right through me and would express loudly either the sentiment that you got ( "sorry, sorry, sorry") or I would get nasty looks and a few nasty words.

I now live and work in a fifty five plus community, and though we have bi-monthly transportation to nearby grocery stores, etc. there are stores that a lot of people would rather walk to, but they are not safe to navigate, even for younger people.

In good weather, we walk together with brightly colored vests and since I am usually the only one who is ambulatory, I take my little band of ladies in their power chairs, etc across the street. I tell you, there are STILL drivers who do not see us until it is almost too late.

I am an office administrator as well as events planner. I work closely with the city officials and the police department as well as city planners to try to lengthen the times that the street lights stay on "WALK" as well as developing some kind of safety guides not only for seniors but for everyone who has to cross at certain intersections where there has been trouble.
It is not always easy keeping our seniors in proactive mode, but we do not want to bow to fear that can be crippling and keep people indoors.

Here in Minnesota our snow can be menacing and once the snow plows throw all the snow against the curbs and onto the sidewalks, walking is nearly impossible so we have to address these issues as well.

I applaud you for venturing out and I know it can be scary. I do it alone on weekends and I know my time for this might be limited, for at 68..i am still active, but my ability to leap and jump out of the way are sometimes iffy. Stay safe my friend and keep on enjoying life!

I LOVED the way you shared your experience!

One step at a time
by: James

Yes, it's best to watch your steps while out walking.

Mikey and her walk
by: Linda

What a nightmare if you had decided to take that next step. We are smart to be prepered and be sure that not only do drivers have to keep a watch out for we walkers but we walkers also have to keep watch on those drivers because mistakes happen. Glad you are OK.

by: Wendy

So thrilled to see you here again... many folks missed you in the Retirement Community!


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