Alone after many years

by Howee
(Baldwyn, Ms USA)

I am alone after many years. Just moved to Mississippi and don't know many people.

I spend a lot of time on the computer and what a better way to meet people. I am 67 and retired in July. I have not found my way yet am a little lost.

I live in a small home in the woods and have 2 great dogs. Nelson and Puppy both Peks.

If you write me I will write back.

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58 and stuck
by: Carol Joyce

I retired at 51, I hated my job, which was working with taxes and supervising people. I do work out and other things, but I still need to fill in gaps.

I am dating someone, but one thing I know is you have to have something besides another person. My first husband died young and my late husband died also. Maybe I have not recovered from these things.

I am not creative nor do I have a big passion.

Any suggestions would be great!

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by: catherine

Hi,,,,by the way im catherine if u want u can talk to me anytime im here for you dont be lonely always be happy ok god blessed u smile.....

Hi Howee
by: Another Marie

I understand your lonliness, you are entitled to feel that way after your wife died. I hope you are finding little ways to get out and participate in life. If not, the computer is a good way of keeping connected with folks. You are right about that. Moving to a new town doesn't need to be a disaster, you are starting fresh and building the next stage of your life. Good luck to you.

Deepest Sympathy
by: Goldie

You are not alone...please click on the "Friendship Here" link on the right side of the page.

Thanks i needed that
by: Marie


I have bad days and good days. This is all very new to me. My wife died of Cancer, very quickly.
I live in a very small town and all are pulling me through.

I know we have all been through this and some day it was going to happen but I was not ready. I am
sure it will pass. Thanks for your kind words and help.

It is 27 outside dark and cold.. I feel so alone.


Alone after many years.....
by: Marie-annette

Hello Howee, happy to see you here and welcome to the!

Life's great and it depends on what you do with the rest of your best life.....

I am also a widow for like about 16 years and only joined the Retirement site this year, as i retired at the end of last year...

I am a people's person, love meeting somewhat persons like myself. I am reserved, creative and and do just about anything possible given the chance.

A liver, happy well balance someone too.

Now i am living my Faith daily as i know that at the end of the day....i would have to give an account of my best life spent....

So i am living one day at a time, remaining positive and being grateful daily.....age is a number, thank God in my earlier days i traveled suddenly all over with friends and enjoyed.

I am grateful that i did it then as i really have no need to repeat.

So with this bit....i say welcome pal, write when you can....stay positive.....

New in Mississippi
by: Nina from London

Hello Howee,

Not easy to move to a new place! Especially to a small town in the countryside. However, knowing how friendly people in the South are I am sure that you will make friends.

What are your interests? This is what has helped me since I lost my husband. I love to paint and now I teach art to a group at a senior center near me.

Then there is this other charity which gives me a chance to get involved and help people. It's not far from me in Brixton (South London). I lead a reading group there on Friday morning which is interesting. The short story we shared reading today was a suspense story by Edgar Allen Poe.

Although sometimes my weekends are quiet I keep busy during the week. Maybe you will get some ideas yourself of things you would like to do. What I enjoy sometimes is reading a good book.

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