Alone like always, but...

I was working at various low paying jobs (not scholarly educated) for most of my life. I was put on disability early, and fought to get off of it until I found I had actually lost the fight.

It took some help, and time, to realize all that I was going through and which way I needed to look at my life, but I came around and got it all.

I am happy now, but WHAT DO I DO?! Heh heh.

Not alone there, but still alone, like I am used to. But still - how to feel my worth NOW. This break down/up started in the later half of 2009.

At 65 I see now that I have a ways to go. WHERE ARE MY INSTRUCTIONS AND LEADERS!?

Still happy (er). me

PS - I think I'll try googling some stuff, L8R. :) !:/

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Friends are on this website
by: Pacific Islander


I am sure as you read comments in response to your message, you realize that you have friends here. We care. I love writing and sharing our part of the world. It is quite different from your neighborhood. I wonder if there is pen pal section to this site. I am sure there is.. I forget where. I did meet my two friends here and have been in touch every since. Take care!

Wendy PENPALS, Yes... click on the COMMUNITY image to the right, Join the Community, Hit the Pen Pal tab. Read and find someone or add your own "ad"!!

by: Anonymous

I am afraid (sort of) that I try helping others and my PTSS and paranoia set in and I just fail in keeping up. I think maybe this is not my best solution.

All of you seem so out going and busy. I wish I were again. Sorry, I won't be back. It's here again, my little dilemma.

Have a good day. And don't worry about me. I'll still be looking. :)

Where To Go?
by: Joe W.

I suggest going to your local public library or local community & recreation center to see what other seniors are doing with the rest of their lives. Then start some new activities to find your own real interests, skills and projects.

Joe W.

Alone at 65
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Alone:

You took a smart first step by contacting Retirement Online. Almost immediately you are not alone.

It would help to know if you have any hobbies or pastimes that you really enjoy, what TV shows turn you on, whether you have any brothers or sisters or family members who are still living.

What things in your life have loomed important to you. What foods you love? Are you fairly healthy.? Also what things you can't stand and what drives you nutty.

Give us a glimpse into your life so that we can get to know you better. You are still young and can expect so many good things ahead.


by: Anonymous

Look around to see who you can help, especially those older than you. also look around the community and find the volunteer organizations and study them to see where you would be most useful. there is great satisfaction to be had working with these.

Find Friends on this site.
by: Pacific Islander

Hello and Happy New Year!

This is the website where you can find friends. I did and have been in touch with them for the past 3 yrs. I even met one of them in person when my work brought me to where he lived. It was a great meeting. Were still pals and still writing each other everyday.

Wendy: Click the Community image to the right!

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