Alzheimer's (and early stage Dementia) can be reversed

by Ronald Selwyn

I wish to broadcast some great news especially for the Retirement community. Alzheimer's (and early stage Dementia) can be reversed.

On look up Alzheimer's reversal and find Dr. Dale Bredesen (San Francisco). It is reported the success rate for the people he has treated is between 90 and 95%.

Here's a link for watching it Dr. Bredesen. Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease- Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD The video is below.

The earliest appointment is August 2018, but there's another doctor who is handling the queue so to speak, Dr. Edmund Chein - here's the link to hear him: Breakthrough Cure of Alzheimer's and Dementia

There's also a book out called "Let Food Be Your Medicine" by Dr. Don Colbert, MD that has a chapter titled "Beat Dementia and Alzheimer's ".

Please spread this good news. And Thanks to Wendy Fisher of Retirement Online who has provided us a facility to communicate and help each other through Retirement.

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