Ambivalence reigns supreme

by Woodlandone/Midlothia

Let's start by my "retiring" at 57. At that point I loved my freedom from driving in to a job I never intended to have when I left home for college.

Once FREE, I also had no husband, children, mortgage, or large community to interact with. The friends I'd made over the years were only fun-times with local access - listening to music, festivals, other single adults. And all I did is focus on my living space - the birds, the land, the plants, the interior, etc. I thought I'd spend a while adjusting to the freedom and then take another path.

In the meantime, four years has passed. I've become increasingly isolated and am very grateful for the things I've fostered and the peace it provides.

But I'm not going to find introspective, nature-loving, active retirees who love biology, horticulture, hiking, biking, and genuine friendships closed up behind a farm gate. And going out to common locations where people meet doesn't introduce you to those sorts of people.

I'm glad to be away from drama-ridden situations, but are there any well-adjusted, happy people who are available for lasting and sincere relationships that foster interdependence, sharing similar activities, and the will to "drag" (;-D) someone out of their comfort zone and go for a walk, meet for a picnic, and take a quick ride to go biking, hiking, or just enjoying the sunshine?

I'm definitely open for suggestions.

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Ambivalence reigns supreme
by: Sherry/ NC

Yes, the meet-up groups, sound perfect for you! Please try it. I am always trying something; never give up. If you go places you enjoy and do things you enjoy you will meet people at the same places and
you will find you have the same things in common.
I do volunteer work every week. I love nature myself and always feel better when I am enjoying nature.

You have to work at finding friends; it is work!! I am always working at it. I am a good and caring person, but most people I meet are always talking about themselves and never ask me about myself. They have all the friends they need and family too. I have family, also and they are good and caring. I am lucky!

I used to have a dog, but he passed on in 2016 and I found when I was walking him I was always talking to someone. Dogs can help you socialize and keep you company too!! I love animals!

There are many things in life to be happy about just go find and appreciate them!

Things to do to meet people
by: Anonymous

Go on the internet and look up Meet Ups. These are groups that are in every state and they are individual groups that like minded people join to go hiking, biking, dining, dancing, knitting, sewing, hobbies, etc. You can even start a group of your own and be the moderator to direct when the group will meet and what the activity will be.

Ambivalence reigns supreme
by: Sherry/ NC

People are only into themselves, self-centered. I am retired and always looking for friends.

The very few friends I have are only "so called friends". I do call friends and keep up with them and ask them if I can do anything for them, but they don't me. If I call my friends and invite them to go out sometimes they will and sometimes they won't and they never invite me to go out.

I used to think it was me and what was wrong with me?????

I am a nice person. I don't interrupt when they are talking. I am a good listener, always the one doing the driving. I get tired of driving. I live alone and no one drives me around anywhere unless I go out with my family and sometimes I meet them, so I am driving.

I finally gave up and stopped calling and offering to do things all of the time. I stay home or take myself out and enjoy my own company! I stay home and mind my own business.

People do not want to be bothered unless they need something!!

I think most people do not want to be asked for help.
I think it is very sad.

Not bad
by: Indiana

You sound like a person I would enjoy a friendship with. I wonder why it is so challenging to find like minded people to cultivate friendship and activities with. I suspect I will keep wondering for a long time.

Be happy anyway is my motto.

A bit different
by: Elizabeth , West Virginia

I see you feel your interests set you aside from the norm. I can understand your feelings.

After a marriage of 23 years that totally shut down my emotions, I found healing in nature. No not a tree hugger, I chased bears with my camera.

The people in my office thought I was a bit crazy, but who cares. I worked until I was 81, mainly to be able to take my "crazy" trips. My adventures and their memories are something no one can take from me.

As we age it is hard to find new friends with similar interests, but Don't give up. So many today, live in a little cocoon and never see the wonders that Momma nature has to offer.

Keep on riding!

by: Gail/Californis

What about participating in a nature group like Sierra Club, or an experience like Road Scholars. you may find a companion with similar interests and leanings.

by: Anonymous

I wish I were there. Sounds perfect to me. I have the same issues and have become somewhat of a hermit. I'm okay with my alone time but still need companionship. I'm trying on-line dating but so far most are scammers.

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