An old nurse wants to retire

by Antonia Staff

I have been a nurse all my working life. I am over retirement age and still work a few days a fortnight and want to stop because all the suffering I have seen has lodged in my body and as I get thin and healthy it all comes out in tears.

I suffer pathological tolerance and this affects my life; this is not the time to be kind. I find, as the more tolerant I am the more the young think I am a fool and walk all over me.

I had two car accidents last week - I pulled up to park and twice a driver did not see me and backed into my car. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Indeed.

Stop making yourself invisible and be who you really are inside.

Strong and wise and still healthy and attractive. Boomers we are still breaking the mould.

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For us, it is time to accept changes around us.
by: Retd. Prof. D.K.Srivastava, New Delhi, India.

Esteemed e-pal Ms A.Staff,

You seem to be worried over the fast changing world around you. These changes are, in a way, good for us. Whe we feel left beind, we try to speed ourselves up and catch up. I ret ired in 2005 at th age of 62 and realized that I had too much spare time with me. I took up a teaching job in a management college and worked for 5 years. During these 5 years, I fell ill twice and had to have,first, gall bladder surgey, and then CABG surgery. I blamed my decision to join the work force for my illnesses and quit.

Now, that I have lots of free time once again, I am beginning to see the good aspects of my taking up post retirement teaching assignment. It gave me the opportunity to make so many new friends, most o them my students, who continue to fill my life with joy through their association with me on facebook. I now utilise my time in creative writing on facebook and reading others' posts. i am learing to change with the times and inter-acting with the young generation. my best wishes to you.

Durgeshkumar Srivastava.9
New Delhi, India, September, 23, 2014

Retirement adjustment
by: Nancy

I know what you mean about suffering being lodged in your brain. I was a counselor when I was working. My last job was different. The complaints of some of my clients who didn't feel they were receiving costly services expeditiously or fairly were getting to me. I had many clients who were effusively grateful, but I found I focused on those who were negative more, so time to get out. But letting go was hard as it sounds like it is hard for you. I wish you all the best. You will find your way.

Transition Time
by: Joe W.

I was unceremoniously downsized at the age of 45 and I have never found a full-time job since and I am now grateful for this unplanned for event.

The point is events happen in the workplace that are often outside your control. I think that a higher power is telling you it's probably time to make a transition from your stress filled nursing job; to a new career or small business opportunity where you feel more relaxed and passionate about.

It's time to enjoy life more. Well done!

Joe W.

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