An update regarding working in retirement

by Larry Steward
(South Carolina)

Hello folks,

This is an update about our "Work in Retirement" Facebook group that was created for those of you who are thinking about just that.

If you are interested to join this sub-group to Retirement-Online and benefit from the information and posts that are being shared, please click on this link to join.

I wanted to share a longer than normal response I sent to a post submitted by Lee Hillhouse one of the 88 members in the group. I mentioned a workshop we are preparing and felt members of this group should be aware of that also.

Lee's post:
The world of job-hunting has changed so much since my last job interview, 19 years ago. It used to be that jobs were posted in the newspaper classifieds. I feel like a dinosaur. I don’t really know where to start. I have a law degree, but I am pretty much done with practicing law. I don’t know a lot of the tech stuff that employers expect, such as Excel and Microsoft Publisher.

My edited response:
It's good to have you aboard Lee - welcome, and keep the comments coming. You summarized exactly what I expected to hear from most others who have joined our group.

What you shared motivated me to return to coaching and help all of you find the best way to move forward. I am in the same boat. I'm 10 years into my retirement years and want to serve as a role model to others about how to make your retirement years as best as they can be.

I reached out to Wendy Fisher, the Founder of our parent group, Retirement-Online, to get her blessing to launch this private group. It is rapidly growing and I'm pleased to see how we are sharing our experiences as well as frustrations as we seek answers about how to move forward.

We are keenly listening carefully to what everyone is saying, feeling and experiencing as you tackle this life-changing transition to a place you have never been - a world of retirement unlike any before it.

In the background, I have been assembling a step-by-step, comprehensive support program that will be offered in what I believe is the best way to deliver coaching and that is in small groups (5 to 8 like-minded participants) who are serious and ready to start taking real control and learn how to create a plan of action that will serve as a roadmap to follow in moving forward.

I offer my support here of course but to really get the momentum rolling requires rolling up our sleeves and following process that offers in-depth assessment, option development, group brainstorming, research support, ongoing discussions about techniques plus so much more.

The most important element I believe of working online in small groups is the commitment we make to support other participants and that they offer their support in return. This combined effort will make a big different as we all take on this challenge together.

Thanks to Wendy, Founder and God Mother of Retirement-Online, she found a well-thought-out online coaching platform called the Coaching Hub that we will use to present the program in a structured, organized and effective way.

More details will be shared as content is finalized.

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