Anniversary: It's only a number!

by Wendy

Lorri, John, Terry & Wendy (Saugatuck, MI)

Lorri, John, Terry & Wendy (Saugatuck, MI)

Unlike many (or most) women, I don't mind telling my age. I do it all the time... no biggie. It is what it is....

I often tease my sisters and my cousins that THEY are aged by their kids having children... so they are now grandparents. GRANDPARENTS --- eeeeek!

Me, personally, no kids, no grandkids, so I don't have anything to age me... right? Grin!

Last week was my wedding anniversary, 32 years! Happy Happy... ok, another year has passed, oh well...

BUT THEN it dawned on me... we've been together since the year before I graduated high school, 1972. That's FORTY YEARS -- are you freaking kidding me?

4-0 Y E A R S?


Why don't I mind saying I'm 57 years old -- and yet 40 years going together/being married.. kinda hurts.

That ages me completely! grin!

Why oh why!??

OK, I'm playin' my Drama Card...
I am 57 years old... fine.
I have been married 32 years... fine.

I have been with Terry for 40 yrs... ouch, that one makes me sound O...L... D...

P.S. YES, Time flies for me! Time flew when I worked, one payroll workload to another. Now, my retirement days are packed with website work and helping retirees, both of which I dearly enjoy!

Life is Good!

(meaning don't sweat the numbers...)

The photo on top is from the weekend in Saugatuck, Michigan where my sister and I spent the weekend celebrating both anniversaries with our husbands. It's a quaint town on Lake Michigan with lots of shops, great food. We stayed at a cool bed and breakfast we've been to before... what could be better?

Went down to the lake at midnight one night and viewed the stars in the sky! Amazing! Like many of you, we don't see stars here with the light pollution, but in Saugatuck, it was beautiful! Saw the Big Dipper... very cool!

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by: Ricardo

Wendy, I cannot believe it! My father was going to Sagatuck when HE was a boy, and that was over eighty years ago. I have been going their since I was a boy, and now I take my grandchildren there every summer with my daughter and her husband.

Mount Baldy, the ferry, Ship n Shore, {where we always stay},the Butler, Oval Beach, the town of Douglas, you name it, I have been there! What a grand little town! What a small world!

Wendy: Small world, Indeed! It's really a great little town... sister and her husband found it a few years before they invited us along. We enjoy the weekend away, and I know all the places you mentioned above.

Just google'd Ship N Shore.. will have to check it out now! thanks!!

yer gota long way to catch me
by: donald

Congratulations to you both.

It nice to hear someone who has been to-gether for a long time. I can only wish you a long and happy life for here on in.

by: Martha

you all look so happy ! I be in michigan in may next year husband will be out of school 50 years !

by: Goldie

You and your husband are very blessed!

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