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by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

So, it is 1:17 am and I can't sleep. Watching "Murder She Wrote" and playing on my laptop... while eating Chocolate Mint Girl Scout Cookies and iced tea. :)

On Facebook, I see this clickable ad for: Listen While You Craft!

Seriously, audiobooks and podcasts have been popular for years -- but I thought these might help for sleepless nights!


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1:17 AM & Counting Endless Sheep
by: Joe W.

Wendy, sleep is precious especially for a tired older body and/or an overworked brain. To find an answer for any sleepless nights look at what you're still worrying about before you go to sleep.

Personally, I don't get many sleepless nights these days. When I do I usually get up and start reading a book or magazine to forget about any stress or worries. It works for me.

I hope that you don't have to spend so much time counting sheep again. zzz....

Joe W.

Audible Reading
by: Your Name/Location

Wendy, I have always had problems turning off my brain to get to sleep. My solution is two an audible book on my kindle, time it for 20 minutes and and I'm asleep in minutes. The other side of this is I have to back it up to listen what I missed!

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