Another Retirement Woe...

by Anon.

Took a voluntary early out, couldn't wait for it, now am hesitating... finding a supplement job with outdated competitive skills from younger more educated seekers, leaves me with doubts in finding work as a baby boomer.

So far I have been belittled for lack of new skills to compete in today's technological over data atmosphere.

No time or Place for the dependable, wise of years, can't even get part time work as of yet.

I hate my government job run by incompetent people. Pays well but i have no life working in the middle of night... and recently survived 2 heart attacks.

Now is the time to stay or go, but after what I now know, I feel trapped.

All other co workers are set for life and don't need supplement jobs.I noticed they are the ones giving all the advice lately. What a bummer!!

Wendy: Please contact me below (comments) and I might be able to put this into perspective for you!
MANY of us were in the some situation as you are...

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Don't be so hard on yourself
by: Jackie

I too worked for the government but my department had a big lay off so, at 60, using a walker and bad legs I just got the unemployment I was due and then filed for my pension and its not easy. I like the socialization or not at work but I can rest when I need to without anyone saying anything to me.

I say I want to volunteer maybe a few hours a few days a week but it seems no wants that and me needing the walker.

I just try to write that book I wanted to for years and organizing papers trying find a book club to go to and being free and realizing that I am thankful for working and I am thankful I retired. I do not shop like before not because the money is not the same I am tired so I just dream of going on vacation next year.

Enjoy your retirement and after the heart problems you had the job was really not worth all that but you are.

If you want write back my email is readersdelight2005 at yahoo dot com

by: Joe W.

Anon,I think that retirees will need to put a higher priority on health & fitness. It's probably an area that 99% including myself need to look at and be more active to being in shape.

Being fit is not only required but it is crucial to being healthy enough to select your best lifestyle in your retirement years.

In my circle of friends I know one individual who has had two heart attacks and is now 89. I asked him what reason does he give for his longevity at the same time as having major physical problems. He said I think it's because I still exercise and have a small business as a garden rototiller.

It's possible to still succeed with health problems but in the end it is probably better to put your health ahead of other priorities and begin another chapter in your life.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

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