Another way to spend time in retirement

by Irwin L
(Lakeland, FL)

We recently took a break from our busy retired lives to celebrate the anniversary of our granddaughter’s birthday. She turned the magical age of 18 and we celebrated it at - where else but a magical place Walt Disney World.

Unfortunately, I had to work while there (some things never change), but while there I also decided to think about what to write about upon my return since it has been some time since I added a contribution or two to this blog site.

Taking time off and getting away from it all got me to thinking about the many free things, we as retirees can do during our retirement years for entertainment.

We personally live in a city that has several parks along with other attractions. While the summer (remember it began June 21) is not necessarily the time to go exploring parks – especially in central Florida in June – one of the things we forget about when thinking about things to do is the opportunity we have to explore nature.

Someone recently reminded me that we came after the animals and the trees, plants, and flowers. Forgetting the fact for the moment that the weather is extremely hot, when thinking about what to do during your newly acquired retirement time, give some thought to enjoying what “mother nature” provides to us for free. Just think of the variety of plants and animals, stones, landscapes, sounds and smells we could enjoy just by taking a stroll through the park.

Now I was born and raised in the city - but most of my adult and married life has been spent in suburbia or an urban type atmosphere. Those of you up for the challenge might just give some thought to taking a walking or driving tour of the city going to sections you might never have gone before.

Although, a word of caution here might be that you make sure to become aware of areas you should not venture into during this adventure. A quick tour of the Internet might just reveal some interesting sights before starting your escapade.

Some time back I began a “walking” program and made it a point to walk three miles every day for a minimum of five days a week. During this time I would change the route I would walk (making sure beforehand that I pre-measured the route to be sure I walked three miles) so as to see if there might be something different to see. This is another thought for those of you adventuresome enough to take on a short walk around the neighborhood.

Another thought would be to invite a friend to walk with you. You could alternate routes. One day go to their house and begin your walk from their house and on other days have your friend join you at your house and walk around your neighborhood. You might be amazed at how many people you may come across taking walks around their neighborhoods at various times of the mornings and evenings. You might even begin a walking group program.

What have you got to lose?

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Walt Disney World
by: Irwin L


You are absolutely correct - if there ever was a visionary, Walt Disney was one!

Thanks for sharing.


Walking is FUN!
by: Goldie

Walking is definitely a great way to get exercise and you meet lots of nice people along the way.
God Bless Walt Disney...he brought so much joy to this world....:)

by: Irwin


I am not sure I could handle a four hour walk. Mine usually lasts 45 minutes. Basically just enough to get the heart pumping and I try to do it 5 days a week.

The route we follow is one that is within the confines of our park as the time we usually walk, it is still somewhat dark outside.

My reason for doing it is purely for the health benefit plus it enables me to clear my head and focus on what is around me. That way when I return home, I am ready for whatever life throws my way.

I had been remiss in walking daily due to our recent vacation of sorts to celebrate our granddaughter's 18th birthday but we did compensate for the daily routine by walking practically every day we were at Walt Disney World.

But, now that we are back and settling back to some sort of routine, I had better put my walking shoes back on so that I can continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

Happy walking!

Walking Trails
by: Joe W.


I just had a great walk in the Edmonton, Alberta River Valley today. I see that you walk a specific distance. What I do is walk a specific time in my cases it's equivalent to a four hour walk.

I see that a lot of Seniors usually don't go out walking as an adventure. I'm amazed by the different events that happen on any interesting walking trail. And, like you say it's all mostly free. Bring a camera on some of your longer walking trips.

Don't forget to get yourself a good wooden walking stick. It can also be used to keep your balance when your walking on a trail that has tree stumps or whatever sticking out from the ground. Nice to use when climbing hills or some other uneven ground.

The sun was shining all day today with just a light breeze. I like the River Valley because you breathe real plant oxygen instead of those walking along City streets and taken in all that poison from vehicle exhaust fumes.

Happy Walking!

Joe W.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the information.

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