Anxiety?  Can't Sleep?  
Financial Concerns & Money Worries

If you have anxiety and can't sleep because of financial concerns and money worries... let's talk about it!

I recently asked retirees: "What keeps you UP at Night?" and these are some of the money worry concerns sent in by retirees. 

You can also find more on financial advice on retirement here. This site is not about money in retirement, but having worked in the retirement field for over 30 years, not financial, just retirement issues... I have a bit to offer.

Let's look at a few Retiree Answers to My "Anxiety in Retirement" Question:

Retiree #1:  Financial concerns with my fixed income. 

Retiree #2: I worry about not having enough money to last.

Retiree #3: How to determine whether the savings that I have will see my wife and myself through the end of our  lives?

Retiree #4: Fear of a downturn in the market.

Retiree #5: Hoping I have enough money to retire on.

Retiree #6:  Worry that I won't have enough money to live the way I wish. Worry money will run out before I do.

The financial worries go on and on...

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I would bet that most retirees have financial concerns, to some extent, but most don't interrupt their sleep to worry about it. Worry only makes you ill in the long run.

The funny thing is: 


Really, when have you saved enough?

Nobody truly knows this answer. Financial planners can make an educated guess... but unless someone has a crystal ball, nobody knows for sure what YOUR future holds, right?

Even with plenty of savings, unless you are a millionaire, events in your later years will shape what happens.

  • Do you live a long, healthy, lifestyle or do you need long-term care?  
  • Does the stock market hit a huge downward spiral like it has many times before?
  • Does your family suddenly need help?
  • Does something very unstoppable like COVID change the economy?

I am hoping you recognize how futile it is to worry about finances. Unless you want to return to work to save more, it is what it is. Right?

Please do NOT make yourself ill over financial concerns. I would bet MANY have less than you... 

Retiree #7: Where can I afford to live -- and not starve?

First, I went to Amazon and searched for Frugal Eating (click to see all the books on saving money and also eating healthy).

There are so many ways to save money on food... my niece does coupon shopping and many items are FREE.  Join a Facebook Group on couponing, or two, and learn how to do it too.

NOW -- If you really wanted to move, buy a retirement locations book -- or Google this topic. Start doing research.

If you worry and worry, you will only make yourself ill.  Please don't do this to yourself. Do the work, research your worry, and kick it to the curb!

There are things you can do to learn more about the costs to live in different communities, and different states. Start working on this now... and give yourself peace of mind.

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Retiree #8: Lack of income... which leads to lack of health ins, dental care, safe car, and generally doing the things I had hoped to do in retirement... travel travel travel.

First, if you lack income -- you must adjust your monthly expenses OR gain more income. Those are your two choices.  If you choose to work, use Google to search for "part time jobs in city, state" and see what pops up. You might also work online in some manner, learn by using my home business site.

At some point in life, reality hits. If you don't save enough money or have a retirement income, you cannot travel on your own. It's really as simple as that. THIS certainly can't keep you up at night, can it?  It's a dream, not a necessity, and if you REALLY must travel, perhaps you could be a travel companion, or perhaps help a local day trip tour company in some manner. Where there is a will, there is a way! Go for it.

As for health and dental insurances, if you are truly low income, you'll be eligible for Medicaid (low income health care) and most county Health Departments have dental clinics. Just ask local government for resources which aren't always easy to find, but they are out there.

Retiree #9:  Not getting hired for jobs & worrying myself sick over finances since my income has decreased significantly.

Have you considered that your very worry may keep you from jobs? Could your anxiety be visible in your face? your own body? I wonder if you look so "sick" that employers don't care to hire you?

It's possible... after all, as we age we need to look fit to get hired over the younger generation.

1) Consider talking to your doctor. Nobody wants to take drugs, but sometimes they are necessary to get over the hump, and help you push forward in life. 

2) Have you looked at your monthly expenses to determine if you might reduce them somehow? Maybe so... but you also need a clear head to logically think this out. Again, #1 might help there.

Retiree #10:  What keeps me up at night is how can I ever find a part time job to supplement my retirement income?  I don't want to be fully retired at 56... But who is going to hire me part time?

Google: "part time job" with your location and see what pops up. Nowadays there are plenty of employers that prefer to hire two part-time persons, instead of one employee with benefits. If you are lucky, you will fall into a job like that.

Of course, you also might also consider working online in your own business, working for others online and doing a stay-at-home job that millions of people, worldwide, now do.