Anxiety ridden after retirement

by CeeCee
(LOs Angeles)

I've been retired 2 months now after running my own business for 48 years.

I used to be a happy positive person but I am finding myself so immersed in FB and the negativity associated with our current government. Not to get into anything political here, but I am truly worried about clean air and clean water, climate change and other existential problems and I feel frustrated, angry and sometimes hopeless, certainly depressed at the global issues facing our world.

I have no family am a single 66 year old lady and after my year of doing nothing, will re engage myself into more activity.

I have GERD and asthma and osteoporosis. The asthma has been pretty bad the last few months (since retirement). My dr. Said that I have more time now, so I notice the symptoms more. He also said asthma is exacerbated by major life changes too. Like retirement.

Who Am I now that I am retired? Day by day for me.....

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Have you considered volunteering?
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida and the Catskills in NY!!

CeeCee - it's only been 2 months. Give yourself more time to adjust.

Since you are concerned about the many issues facing our environment - why not reach out and join some groups that address those issues?

The Sierra Club comes to mind. I'm sure many groups have volunteer opportunities. You might also seek opportunities with your local department of parks and recreation.

It's easy to get caught up in politics - impeachment, Ukraine, the election. If you have a favorite candidate, you could volunteer for their campaign or you local political party.

I don't know the type of business that you owned, but if possible, you might want to work part-time for another business owner in the same field or a field of work that interests you.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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