Anxiety/Depression in Retirement

by Sharyn

Hi~ my name is Sharyn & for the last year or 2 l have been pretty miserable!

Having taken an early retirement back in 2002 ( RPN )... because of physical limitations. l then took a year off to find my bearings.

Moved in with my daughter & family ( lower flat of their home.) l enjoyed my 2 grand-daughters immensely, doing some gardening, just hanging out, doing housework, looking after the litter box etc., all because l wanted to at that.

l also was employed part-time (PSW) with a community nursing agency.

After a while, driving all around from client to client, l became very anxious & the depression kind of developed. Oh, the job l enjoyed 99% of the x, however, mostly it was the x constraints.

Driving from 1 place to the next, hoping l would get there on time. Most times l did, but with much anxiety~~ so l kept my eye out for a job that didn't require as much driving. l really didn't want to give that job up however, secretly, l was becoming very depressed & l knew l had to make a change.

So then came my job as a nanny to 3 young children~ was a good job, every 2 weeks 3-11pm.

That lasted only a few months, my left hip was bothering me to a point that l could only walk a short while maybe 20 min. So, off to the doctor, then to a surgeon, within 2 weeks l was in hospital having a left hip replacement, bone on bone, no wonder l was having a lot of pain. Anyhow, cause l was still young ( 60 )

l re-cuperated quickly, thank God. Because l left my nanny job for this & was off a while, l was on the move to find another. Good to go, so they say. LOL*

Because l was off awhile & feeling much better, l gave community nursing another try? Hoping l would get 1 or 2 clients on a regular basis and not all over the city. & l did except l had to be up at 5 in the morning ( not since 2002 ) was l up at that x.

Oh well, off l go to give this a try? The first few weeks were just OK, however as x went on l became very tired because l was waking up sooo early & out the door! The job was super, l had great clients, but l just couldn't kick being soo tired ALL the x.

I'm a bu--er for punishment.

Checking the want ads on Kijji, found another nanny job, so l went for interview, job was after school for 2 very young ladies 5 & 10 yrs. This was Jan. & the job was till end of June, great, l was hired, mother called the next day & the girls picked me.

Was happy for the next few months and didn't even think about another position until Sept. All was good - hours were from 3 till 6pm. Kool.

Landed another job for Sept. young boy & his younger sister. l was getting anxious again because l live in an apt. which is rent geared to income & as the new year was approaching & l started receiving Canadian Old Age Security!

People in the building KNEW l was working & it was only a matter of x before someone gave this information to the landlord, which is the corporation of (------)
& my rent would increase because l was working.

l was becoming anxious & depressed again. It is now Dec. 2012, & rather than take a chance & lose my GIS, so l had no choice but to give my notice & leave that position too ( unless l wanted a rent increase & on my limited budget, l did not want that.

l THOUGHT l could go to the casino once in a while for fun! But once in a while soon became more & more! WELL, l lost all my savings, my car l had to give back to the dealer ( at a loss ) Just awful.

Stupid me, but l was lonely, have no really good friends & l wasn't telling my son or daughter! Talk about anxious & depressed!

Here l am with just limited funds ( after ALL my debts) & still hiding it from family. Lying by omission is not fun~ they have no IDEA !

l get from Peter to pay PAUL - Pay day loans~ l've taken to walking dogs ( anybodies ) lol ~

l'm settling down now, l'll be 67 in Oct. this year. This is all true - l have lived it ~ CASINO WAS FUN BUT VERY VERY EXPENSIVE & so u win big once in awhile but that doesn't last.

Wendy: I do hope the Retirement Community here will write suggestions below for Sharyn --

1) things she might do at no cost, things to keep busy and happy.
2) ways to cut her bills to recover from her debt
3) does she tell family and get this corrected... stop hiding?

Sharyn has helped many on my pages... she sends her two cents often, and I thank her for that. I hope others will Pay It Forward with their own suggestions in the hopes that one (or a few) would work for her! Thanks!

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by: NEAL

One mans bread is another mans butter, they say. But I know how a way to live very comfortably and very happy.

Save your pennies, catch a flight to Panama where they will allow you to stay for 90 days and check out Panamas ‘pensionado’ plan.

Retiree (Pensionado) Residence Visa Regulated by Executive Decree No. 320 of August 8th, 2008, the retiree or “pensionado” residence status requires that the applicant prove an income or pension of US$1,000 per month and $250 for each dependent. 

Cost of living there is about 1500 a month, that includes a bit extra for odds and ends. Considerably less than 1500 if you choose to live out in the ‘country’, IE, Volcan, Panama.

Library As A Resource
by: Joe W.


I just wanted to add this because your on limited income. I suggest you go to your local public library if you have one in your area. The library was my personal self-awareness destination. It gives you a great place to forget about your problems and start building for the future.

I hope that this helps you.

Joe W.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Thank You Nancy & Joe W. ~ for support & comments.

l'm on the road to recovery, walking dogs ( volunteer) 3-4 times a week, lots of walking even on my own, love it. No more pay day loans or casinos.

l've managed to settle down a bit and just learn to relax and accept that life does go on after retirement. Like many people before me, it has been hard after working for a salary or wage and then BANG! i

t is x ~ OAS ~ CPP ~ GIS ~ PRIVATE pension~
$1700 monthly~ thank goodness l live in rent geared to income* & thank the community l live in now.

l must go out there & explore this grt city, buy a bus pass & off l will go!

l will be sure to let u know how many & all the people l hope will 1 day become my friends ~ cause we can't go back ~ we just have to move on!

Positive Retirement Activities
by: Joe W.


I think that you are representative of too many other seniors when they approach or are already in retirement. Positive retirement activities are there for your taking if you try to find them.

You will not find them eg. in the casinos unless of course you are a business owner instead of a regular player.

I also thing that seniors are in need of more Financial Literacy and Financial Education. Pay Day Loans are a NO NO unless you plan to go deeper in debt and stay there.

I would start with a journal to list your positive and negative activities in retirement. As soon as you see ANY positive activity throughout your normal day, then rejoice immediately. You will find that the more positive activities you have the closer you are to your passion. Then, have Faith that you will be transformed from anxiety & depression to self awareness and if things work well, you will reach your own self-actualized life.

Good Luck with your new career aspirations!

Joe W.

It got better for me
by: Nancy

Louise Hay has an affirmation "my income is constantly increasing".

When I retired 2 1/2 years ago, I was barely scraping by. This year I turned 65, was eligible for Medicare, and another one of my pensions kicked in. Because I learned to be so frugal, it seems like I have a lot of money now.

I have had a spending problem in the past, so I have to be really careful not to go overboard now.

I send you my support.

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