Anxious, angry and memory issues

by CR

I retired a year ago and so did my spouse. I find myself angry sometimes, very anxious sometimes and worst of all having problems remembering how I did things that I have done for years.

Is anyone else having this issue with the memory?

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Anxiety, depression and memory issues
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your kind words and help. What you said really helped a lot. I thought I was going crazy, my daughter even thought I might need to talk to someone. Now, I am not so sure. Now that I know others are going through the same thing, sorry to say, I feel much better.

I will keep doing things and be more involved and that will help.

Thanks again. I love this site, so glad I found it and all of you out there.

Wendy:Oddly enough, this site often gets a response like you just wrote. WHY are we ok when others feel bad too? Grin! I guess it simply feels good to know we aren't alone, that it's something that new retirees face during the retirement transition phase.

Sooon -- it's over and life is good! Just gotta work a bit to "get there"!! Best Wishes!!

Something to offer
by: Cindy

I forgot to let everyone know that I can help you with any questions any of you may have concerning Assisted Living also. The job I retired from was being an Administrator of a placement company. I also ran large assisted living communities. So, if I can give anyone advice, I would be glad to.

Normal, Normal and Normal
by: Cindy

Dear CR in Colorado, I just started exercise classes after being very anxious and depressed in my retirement transition. I feel a whole lot better but I do notice that I have problems with concentration and memory.

I owned and operated an exercise studio for eleven years in Florida during the Jane Fonda craze and I taught classes every day. Now, I am just a member in a class of Silver Sneakers and I am doing well, but I definitely have memory issues. The instructor does a series of movements one way and then she will do them in the opposite order or add more to it or say, "now let's do it as we walk to the right or left." I can do the exercise, but I have lots of trouble remembering the movements. I find I have difficulty focusing and my mind drifts off. matter what you are doing, just keep doing it over and over and over and stay focused.

I hope to write on here that I have mastered my exercise class and that I hear that you have mastered whatever it is that you are having trouble with.

We just have to remember that this is all normal and it's a transition period and we can and will get through it!

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