Anyone Go Back to Work or Your Old Job?

by LZ

I'm just retired not even a month and I want to go back to my job! I'd prefer my job but would take something similar for the same wage.

I might even consider part time for less wage, but I've got to find something, I'm bored to tears.

I feel lost without my job and don't know what to do.

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Retirement and my old job
by: Nancy

Yes, I wanted to go back to my old job. I prayed the woman I replaced would quit.

I looked for another job and got a part-time job at a daycare as a teacher/counselor with first through 5th grade, but found out the first day I would have to clean!toilets! It was chaos that first day with little kids not just the older kids. That ended my job search.
I felt very strong regret at leaving my old job.

One day I got really triggered when I went to Wendy's and there were 3 people there working. I've been retired 8 years, and although I very much enjoy retirement now, I do wish I had worked a little longer.

Should have stayed
by: Roger

However, I had know way of knowing how much I would miss my job. I worked the same job 31 years and took early an retirement at 57 years old. Anyway, I tried to go back part time but would have had to relinquish my pension and start at the bottom of the seniority ladder.

I really was burned out and physically tired when I left. However, the boredom I feel now is much worse. I hate it. Anyway, I just try and stay busy and sometimes simply walk the streets to pass the time.

Pulling for you
by: Anonymous

LZ, I feel your pain. I retired about a month ago at age 60 and I feel very anxious, distressed, lost, and I hate to admit it but I feel embarrassed to say that I'm retired.

Trying to volunteer and stay busy and trying to stay out of a tough transition but so far, not so good.

I find comfort in Sandy's response (thanks to Sandy and all others who write), i.e. give it some time. I have started to see a therapist; feels good to talk things out.

Keep the faith and best of luck.

Hang in There
by: Barb/ PA.

Hello, Give yourself some time to adjust to all the free time you have and opportunities available in your area.

I retired 5 yrs ago in the winter, (which I don't recommend to do unless you live in warm weather year round). I became extremely depressed as didn't realize we go from full time working ,commuting ect. to a lot of free time.

I found a part-time job to ease into retirement. I enjoyed being around people and keeping busy. 5 yrs later, I still work part-time at a very enjoyable job. I have time for my grandkids, and volunteer as an usher once or twice a month downtown at public theater ( get to see shows for free),
walk the dog, and go to a gym (in winter) . I love to read and hope to start volunteering at my local library.

I am 64 and this works for me.

If they will take you back, by all means go back to work. You didn't mention your age. I took my social security early and can still work part-time within their income guidelines. I feel much better working and purposeful.

Hope it all works out, by the way ,this site HELPS!

Response to: Anyone go back to work
by: Ken


I semi retired at age 55 (Then took a full time job in my field (Accounting) I stayed working for 3yrs, then decided to travel and take it easy.

That was short lived, as a friend of mine needed part-time help as their Accountant in 2008, so I stayed with them until Aug 2016 when they decided to move to Texas~ by that time I was already 66 so I said OK TIME TO REALLY RETIRE! which I did~

I still have those boring times, but I travel a bit, and do a 3 day gym routine, then spontaneous lunch / dinner trips via train~

SO JUST RELAX, maybe find a part time job (I only worked on TUE & THU so you still have FREEDOM)



Anyone Go Back to Work
by: Sherry

Retirement is a new life adjustment! You have to figure it out and adjust yourself. It takes a while, give it time and work at it everyday. During my life time I have lived in 4 states! A new lifestyle in each state. A new home and neighborhood to figure out.

Finding your way around, new friends to make, maybe a new church to get involved in, grocery store, gas station, post office. You can do it! It takes a while to find yourself around retirement. Lots of volunteer time. Wow, what a great thing to do with your extra time on your hands, volunteering. There is no pay but maybe learn something new and make
new friends too!

I know you can do it!
Good luck!

Me too
by: Anonymous

When I retired almost 7 years ago, I wanted to go back to my old job. And the caseload I had which another woman had taken over. I prayed that she would leave so I could have my job back.

To tell the truth, I still wish I had worked longer. I do not want to be working now at all, and am enjoying my "free" time although I can stay really busy and enjoy my many hobbies which are reading, playing the piano, dog walking, and quilting

However, I still wish I had worked longer at my old job. I didn't want a part-time job nor another job, just my old job back. So I really know where you are coming from.

Give yourself time
by: Sandy

I felt the same way. Almost dialed my boss to ask for my job because it was still open. I realize now that this was a fear based action. It is the fear of the unknown and the comfort in knowing our jobs.

Unfortunately, it is uncomfortable, but you have to face that fear. A new life awaits you that is not defined by your job duties. Give it time and if you still feel the same way, get some therapy. And after that, see what awaits you.

I am happy to report that I am so glad I never picked up that phone and called my boss. It has been good on the "other side"...

Wishing you peace.

Go for it
by: Mitz

Work part time if you can! The routine will be great, and the interaction with other people is very healthy.

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