Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Oh, how I love Muscle Testing!

I first was tested by a Chiropractor many years ago. He had me hold supplements (in a container) in one hand and tested the other arm. It was extraordinary how I had no control when holding supplements my body needed. I fought my strength or lack of it, but it didn't matter.

Years later, I was at a business conference for entrepreneurs, and I asked someone to use muscle testing on me. I hadn't experienced it in maybe 20 years and was curious. I was tested on whether I liked a t-shirt that was being sold. (Quite honestly, I hated the slogan on it but didn't tell him). Guess what? Down went my arm... kinda embarrassing, but this really does work!

Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

Here's how it works. Hold your arm out straight and make a true statement. (Such as “my name is _____”) Simultaneously someone applies gentle pressure to push your arm down while you resist. The result would be your arm has good resistance, assuming you used your real name.

Sometimes in life, you have a psychological reversal... and don't even realize it! As you are doing the same process, you make a statement you believe to be true (such as “I want to lose 40 pounds”). If this is true in your subconscious, you will easily resist. If there is a psychological reversal, your arm will have no resistance and will easily be pushed down.

With this simple muscle test, you can see how your brain's conscious and non-conscious levels are not in alignment with the same goal.

You may THINK that's what your goal is -- but subconsciously (something in your past perhaps) holds you back.

Here is a Chiropractor explaining Muscle Testing (not my doctor).

Here is a quick demo by Dr. Wayne Dyer...
He is showing the difference in pleasant thoughts and negative ones.
Really interesting!

Go to and search "muscle testing" as there are oodles of videos.

It is key to understand that despite how much you desire to change, your subconscious may be operating with a different set of goals without you being aware of it.

Once you understand how your brain functions, how you think, your constant negative self-talk and your current beliefs, you can then bring the non-conscious mind under your conscious control.

If you do not take back this control, the subconscious will continue to operate on auto-pilot and control you! Sometimes we wonder, "why on earth did I do that?" and its because your subconscious had an automatic response to the situation before you even had time to think it out.

Just one more interesting way to help yourself (YES, you can do muscle testing on yourself) and others with Muscle Testing!

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Muscle testing love
by: Natasha

Great to learn about this!

So true
by: Alison NY

What an interesting post.

I had muscle testing from two different practitioners both advising me that I was having difficulty digesting wheat, dairy and of course...sugar. My gut was sick.

Thanks to their input and advice, I've changed the way I eat. I don't diet, I don't count calories...but I pay attention to how foods make me feel. I have reduced inflammation so much.

I was not aware that I could test myself. That makes a lot of sense, and I just might try it to determine what else makes me tick.

I am so sick of winter. I am eagerly awaiting spring and I often wonder just exactly why winter brings me down so much. I will have to work on this with muscle testing. Sunlight? Time change? Winter eating?

Hmmm. Thank you for this post.

Wendy: You likely are affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or winter depression... you can purchase
SAD lights on Amazon and it will make a world of difference!

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