Are You Frozen Or Thawed 2020?

by matt i

After my morning walk today it occurred to me regarding Retirement / Reflection .

We spent 30/40 years frozen in work and routines. It's each of our choices to remain frozen or start the thawing process of exploring, learning, and wonder.

Life is best now to have the ability to find whatever your vessel can hold in a liquid/ thawed state as opposed to frozen and grim.

2 other observations also affected me.

There is a 1,500-mile iceberg broken off in Antarctic threating 400,000 breeding penguins, at Easter Island. What could their solution be?

In the old days, and in some places today, it was common to bring the families bread dough to town for baking, each loaf cooked required a notch on a stick by the owner of the bakery, and end the month the family paid their debt based on the number of notches on stick, old fashioned credit card.

We remain so fortunate to live in USA winning the genetic lottery of freedom.

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by: Sherry/NC

Hi Wendy, I am grateful for you niece for helping a homeless man and for you too, for telling us this story.

I am grateful for my life and you never know when you will have a nice surprise in your life.

Thank you

Frozen in Work Routines...
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Yes, exactly. We (almost blindly) run through life, doing what we need to do, day to day. We go on vacation, but the preparations get us stressed, then the vacation itself takes time to sink in, and just as you choose to be chilled, start thinking about your return to work and what is awaiting you! It's really a long cycle of life's craziness!

Enter Retirement -- what a blessing!

I am fully defrosted, chilled, and calm today.

Wait -- I am easily excited, just for fun, but I am living a calm lifestyle (despite being a caregiver for two parents over age 90).

Retirement is sooo good. We are all so blessed!

Use Gratitude Daily -- spend some time with your morning coffee, or on your daily walk as Matt did, and consider all that you DO have.

p.s. My niece has become a friend and caregiver to a 70+ year-old homeless man in Michigan. Until weeks ago, he slept in the cold, curled up in a ball on the pavement somewhere, with his blanket. Right now, for the winter, her friends and family are donating dollars to keep him housed in a local motel... and days ago, she put up a small tree with lights. He is simply delighted!

He has a soft bed, heated warmth without layers of clothing, lights he can turn on and off at will, food to eat, and a microwave to heat it -- a man full of gratitude (and yet, he owns nothing, nothing!)

Find Gratitude in Your Own Hearts!

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