Retirement in Arizona -
Sonora Desert Museum

By Michael Yeager

We’ve enjoyed being able to share our new home in southern Arizona with friends and family.

We’ve enjoyed being able to share our new home in southern Arizona with friends and family. One of the main reasons we chose to move here was because it is a place where they would like to vacation. Having visitors motivates us to research interesting places to visit and southern Arizona seems to have something for everyone.

A few attractions we’ve gone to multiple times with our visiting guests. One of them is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. This is a must see for visitors wanting to learn about the Sonoran desert, its history, geology, plants and animals.

This indoor/outdoor museum is a world renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden all in one. It is the most popular tourist attraction in the Tucson area. We took our grandsons twice already. They were excited to go back. It’s hard to predict what these little guys will like.

There are caves at the museum which house elaborate geologic exhibits. I found the various rock and mineral samples and the geologic timetables to be fascinating. In spite of the parents and grandparents pointing out all kinds of interesting facts about our world, what the little guys were most excited about were the mine tailing piles out behind the caves. These rock and sand piles are also part of the exhibit but we adults always passed by without a thought. The kids spent a very long time eagerly digging up bits of rare stones and fossils.

Our taking an active interest in the natural history of our area has helped increase our enjoyment of retired life. We learn new things about the area every time we go to the Arizona-Sonora museum. To learn more about the museum, check out their website at

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