Athena-like Persona, Although Short

by Catherine Humberg

Interesting Enough, an hour ago = I was just musing on how my life of 73 yrs. has seemed so charmed.

I've faced down death at least a couple of times, yet have managed to be athletic and win sports competitions even into my 50's.

I have never considered myself especially beautiful, yet was a professional full-time model for 15 yrs.

I LIVE to study all periods of world history, my absolute favorites are British and American, although European comes in a close second. Show a preference for MILITARY HISTORY.

LOVE classical art; love classical music. (Have dabbled around in both.); love classical dance. Chinese, Italian, Tex-Mex, German FOODS, etc.

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Sounds familiar!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I just, minutes ago, approved Bill from Boston's post "Bored with golf (many indoor interests)".

When you wrote about loving history, I had to look to see if you were his wife, but no -- he is in Boston, and you are in Washington state. :)

You sound like you are full of life with many interests! History is no longer dull textbooks -- so many websites and tv shows!

Thanks for writing!

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