Average Retirement Age is 65, and I'm 75!

by Richard

I retired at 55, after 32 years; too early for me. My wife found me another job in her government office, then retired 4 years later, at 58.
Here I am, 17 years employed at age 75. I have 18 assignments for December, and my 64 yo coworker has.....zero. Each task gets me out of the office into the field, so I don't complain. I love working and am in good health. My wife and I never spent a night in the hospital, except while giving birth. I still bring home the bacon, wifey keeps house clean.
Most of my coworkers here retire at 65. I intend to work till 79, God willing. I love my job, and the stress is manageable.

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You're a legnd!
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Richard in Hawaii

You're a legend and standard bearer!

Your experience is perfectly normal, as society (as a group) is now living 4 months longer for each 10 years that pass.

It's all to do with medical science, which has been very successful in maintaining our flesh.

However our bones do still deteriorate - although I take a daily dose of metformim in case it is the holy grail.

cheers ... I'm Bernard Kelly

by: HW/Cary NC

I retired at 56 years old with no regrets. If you are happy, continue to work.

Average Retirment Age is 60
by: Tyler



I retired at 51 and went back to work part-time for two years and took a fulltime job at 53. I quit this year because I was overworked and didn't want to deal with the stress anymore.

Keep working if your job brings you joy!

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