Avoid Retirement Depression with Planning Activities...

by Norma

It is always hard when you have to leave anything that you have been a part of for a long time.

When you have worked for an employer for a long time you develop the same relationship you would have with family. When you leave it feels like you have left your family.

Some people spend more time with their "work family" than they do with their own family.

Sometimes this will lead to depression.

When I left my job I knew this was a possibility so before I quit I carefully planned some activities that would take up time during the day that I usually work.

I knew from my friends that had retired that it was the structure that they missed.

Creating activities for yourself during the "work" hours can help you through this time. You have to create something for you to look forward to. That is what I did and it help a lot.

Also having a monthly lunch with some of your coworkers will help still keep you involved in the business and help you stay connected with your work friends. Look at it as a free therapy session.

You have the ability to control this situation and make it a positive rather than a negative.

Always hard to close a door but if you keep positive and think that the closed door is an opening to another phase in life it can be very exciting.

I recommend that a person seek professional help if they are unable to get up in the morning and function normally.

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by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Enjoyed reading your story very much! l agree with everything u wrote. We should have structure in our daily lives, make plans to do the activities we enjoy, day to day the situation may change, and we can change with it.

l think many people just wake up and expect things to happen all on there own but that is not how it works, u must make things happen.

Get involved in the community, join clubs ( Canadian Legion ) at least here in Canada or other clubs like that one! Go bowling, play baseball, golf, walk, jog, play cards with other people who enjoy card games, do more fishing or just sit in a boat & read a book & soak up the sun! Plant a garden and watch it grow as u leave the house each morning to do the things u have been waiting to do in your retirement*

ENJOY your freedom days & count your blessings* Live today and every day as if it were your last, then when u r really old, like 90 or 100, remember how good your retirement was, and remember how fortunate u were to have that RETIREMENT~~~~~~~~~~

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