Awaiting for divorced widows benefits my application was completed 6 months ago

by Teresa
(Valrico fl)

I filed for benefits 6 months ago and have tried to track my status to no avail. I've never received a letter explaining the delay or a return phone call to my messages left on the phone. What solution is left if nobody answers their phone?

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SS Phone Call
by: Shredder

Be prepared to be on hold for quite awhile. I had the need to call SS at the number provided in this post and was on hold 45 minutes the first time and 2 hours the 2nd time. I waited and my issue was addressed properly. Just try to be patient and have all your info at your fingertips.

Another option
by: Anonymous

If you can find the number for your local social security office, you might get through more quickly.

Wendy: They don't publish local numbers any more. However, the 800 number works well (just not on Monday mornings).

1 (800) 772-1213

COVID times, continued
by: Laura in Vermont

I've had 28 years of trying to deal with Social Security in my former job, and going on two years on my own case.

Wendy is right. COVID is definitely messing with the Social Security system. But they started off with problems.

What is making COVID times so difficult for Social Security is that they are huge, far-flung, poorly equipped and overworked more than ever, and now they can't go to the office either.

Give them a few more months and then get in touch with your Congressman to give Social Security a nudge if all else fails.

That will work, but be sure to try Wendy's way first.

Covid times
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I suspect your Social Security request is tied up, due to COVID issues?

1) You might call the 800 number and make an appointment with SS. It's likely done online now, but the employee would be ready, with your file open, to discuss any problems.

1 (800) 772-1213

Don't call first thing Monday morning, that's the worst time. :)

2) Login to your SS account and see if you can leave a message. Who knows? They might see what happened and get it moving again.

Best Bet -- Call 800 number and get someone involved.

Best Wishes!

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