Baby Boomer Bellies!

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

Ah, winter comfort foods. Now, it is pot bellies as a human endeavour.

How can the over-sixty greys reduce and tone their bulgy bits?

Here are some suggestions:

Adopt a regular moderate exercise program, at least five days per week.

Be like ‘Sesame Street’.

Adapt your meals to smaller size portions. Eat more fish and lean meat.

Reduce your intake of fatty processed meats, such as sausages and pies.

Eat more leafy greens, and drink plant based smoothies.

Reduce your intake of sugars, fats, salt, and preservatives in processed foods.

Snack moderately on fresh fruits, especially citrus for Vitamin C.

Persevere with your new regime. Don’t despair if you have a binge of treats, moderation is okay.

See if you can reduce those unwanted kilos. It is better for your overall quality of life. Reduced weight can benefit your cardiac and circulation systems, as well as being better for aging joints. Plus, a hidden benefit—it shall improve your love life!

Imagine if you are obese in bed!!!

A verse to make you smile!

(Sing along to the tune of “Strangers in the Night!)

Tummies in the night, is this a romance?
Tummies in the night, what does enhance,
All the fat sharing love, would the air be blue?
Fatness in our thighs, was so inviting,
Fat double chins, were so enticing,
Fat around your guts, told me I must love you!
Tummies in the night,
Teletubbies, we looked such a fright,
All our cellulite,
Two naked tubbies, we were tummies in the night,
Up to the moment, we ate our first jello,
Did our fatness grow,
Fat was just a dance away, a fat embracing lard away,
Tummies in the night, in fat forever,
It turned out so fat, for tummies in the night!!!!!!!!

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by: Irwin

Love the song and the words and it does go great with the melody of Strangers in the Night.

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face around the middle of the afternoon.

As you said, make a plan and work the plan but the key, in this writer's humble opinion, is moderation.

Easy does it and stay with it once you get a handle on more exercise, less sugar, and more healthy food.

Thanks for sharing.
Irwin in Florida

Tummies in the Night
by: Dean/Nashville

So light hearted but life saving and life changing advice! Thank you!

My wife and I started
Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution January 9th which basically advises eating the way your message does for free.

I've lost over 20 pounds and my wife has lost 12 pounds. Not only do we look better but we feel better too! We are sleeping better and feel more optimistic.

One down side though, we are having to buy new clothes as we are both too skinny for the things that used to be too tight!

The hardest part is getting started.

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