Baby Boomer President, Bill Clinton

by Wendy

I just heard on the news that Bill Clinton, our first Baby Boomer President, turned age 65 today - August 19, 2011.

The Boomers are coming! The boomers are coming!

Do you know that 10,000 boomers turn age 65 daily?

It really is a huge tsunami wave of boomer retirees hitting their retirement days!

Here is the White House website if you care to read more about the 42nd President - former President Bill Clinton.

We really are an aging society. It's really amazing when you look about you and see "seniors" with tshirts and jeans, rock 'n roll, motorcycles!

Baby Boomers won't "DO" retirement like previous generations,.. it's all about to change!

(and that's a good thing!)

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